How was the court of the European area in the river

Как прошел суд по Европейской площади в Днепре

Nearly a year in court trying to resolve the dispute around the European area in the river. The city Council of the Dnieper said that the area leased to the company’s “Maenad”, and the company claims that the land it does not. So who uses land in the middle of the Dnieper?

March 18, the Central economic court of appeal has done to consider the counterclaims of the city Council of the Dnieper and the company’s “Maenad” in relation to the European square. We will remind, the mayor believed that in 2015 she has with the company, “Maenad” renewed the lease for the Central square, and the firm has to pay money to the budget. In turn, lawyers of the company in the court argued that the agreement may have, but the land of the “Maenads” it was not – it was not transferred to the company under the act transfer back, and to pay, respectively.

Today a panel of judges upheld the decision of Economic court. The informant Money wrote that on 15 November the judge of the Economic court of Dnipropetrovsk region Vladimir Voron’ko decided to terminate the lease contract of the land plot on the European square, but the payment of the rent of 1 million 101 thousand 615 UAH 26 kop the city Council refused.

Both sides disagreed with such decision and has addressed with the appeal complaint. The appeal also figured out plans for the construction of the metro station in the Central district and the need to pay under the contract. It is possible that the dispute continue in the Supreme Court.

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Irina Logush.

Как прошел суд по Европейской площади в Днепре