How water tariffs in Melitopol want to increase, spoke at the public hearing (video)

Насколько тариф на воду в Мелитополе хотят повысить, рассказали на общественных слушаниях (видео)

In Melitopol in the territory of the enterprise “Melitopol Vodokanal” was held hearings on the issue of increasing the tariff on water and wastewater. The company proposes to increase the price of their services by 16% or 4,30 UAH. for CC, On public hearings through the website of the water utility were invited representatives of the community. City Council members to e-mail the utility has sent personal invitation letters.

Personally in the hands of the representatives of the water utility handed the invitation to the Afghans to Andrew Cape who most resented in the session hall that he was not informed earlier about the hearings. However, this time of all the representatives of the local Parliament at the hearing was only two deputies – Valery Mishchenko Igor Sadkov. Last, we recall, is also in charge of Vodokanal Deputy mayor.

The Director of KP “Vodokanal” Sergey Nemchenko immediately identified that the proposed the rate for the population for water and sewage at no profit and listed three main reasons for its increase.

The first and most important – the rising cost of electricity. It is because from 1 July “Ukrenergo” introduced a new tariff, which was not included in the tariff of the utility. So, if KP only pay actual cost for electricity, now has to pay an additional transmission and dispatch control. It has already cost the company 1 million UAH. additional costs. In fact, KP is the loss. Despite the fact that the rate of dispatch has reduced, the total volume of purchased electricity this reduction reflected slightly, note the utilities. As a major electricity rate increases.

The second factor increasing the rate of growth of wages.

According to industry ogloszenia he was adopted from 1 January 2019. However, at the enterprise the salary has not been revised, as the current rate is not economically allows you to do it. Wage growth is expected at 20%. In addition, the Law provides for raising the subsistence level from 1 January, 1 July and 1 December. And we just today raised the minimum wage in July, which was introduced on 1 January. We have a backlog on implementation of the Law, – said Sergey Nemchenko.

The third reason for a rate increase – necessity of cash. The national Commission in the regulation of energy and communal services allowed the utility to set this figure in the amount of 1% of planned cost 25 UAH/cub. m these Funds are required primarily to ensure that the water utility could make 100% prepayment for electricity.

– This energy we spend on water lifting and delivery to consumers. And the money from the population obtained only for the next month. Therefore, these current assets, in the harsh conditions of the energy market, we even is not enough, – said Sergey Nemchenko.

The price of water is proposed to increase to UAH 14,713. for a cube, for drains up to 17,048 UAH. for a cubic Growth rate 4,30 UAH. for CC, or 16%.

– That is the tariff increase on water will be 11% and drains 20% as the salary here is higher and charges on it, as well as in the effluent are surcharges for harm, – said Natalia Zinenko the chief of planning and economic Department.

Recall from 1 June melitopoltsy pay 13,236 UAH per cubic meter of water and 14,172 for the drains. Together it 27,408 UAH.

From the public, including members of the city Council, no objections to the calculations of the rate in water did not arrive. This tariff still needs to be approved by the Commission NKREKU. It is not excluded that it will be changed. In the case of its adoption in full, it can come into effect from 1 November.

During public hearings the Director of the Vodokanal has repeatedly stressed, if the state policy is aimed at reducing the cost of electricity for utility companies, in the same proportions will decline and water tariffs to consumers in Melitopol. After the first reduction of tariff for transmission of electricity “Ukrenergo” from 34 to 31 cent, raising a projected tariff of the utility decreased from 18 to 16%. Now the price for electricity transmission has dropped to 11 cents. Accordingly, the tariff for water in Melitopol will also be recalculated. It decreases approximately 14%, said the Director of Vodokanal Sergey Nemchenko. In any case, the national Commission for regulation in energy sector with the approval of the new tariff definitely all reduce the price of electricity.

Насколько тариф на воду в Мелитополе хотят повысить, рассказали на общественных слушаниях (видео)

Насколько тариф на воду в Мелитополе хотят повысить, рассказали на общественных слушаниях (видео)

Насколько тариф на воду в Мелитополе хотят повысить, рассказали на общественных слушаниях (видео)