HP introduced in Russia two new cartridge-free printing printer

HP представила в России два новых бескартриджных принтера

HP has announced the release on the Russian market two new models of the world’s first laser printer without cartridge Laser Neverstop. In addition to the possibility of working for several months without needing refueling, they are advanced ways of connecting to the Internet.

Series HP is represented by Neverstop Laser printers and MFPs with the piston method of filling toner, takes no more than 15 seconds. Seed stock of toner enough to print 5000 pages and filling kit for 2500 pages. This provides the lowest printing cost in the class. In comparison with standard cartridges number of pages printed is increased 2.5 times.

New HP Laser Neverstop got the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and are equipped with additional connector RJ-45 Ethernet. In addition, an available USB port.

In the printers used HP Laser Neverstop to reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions when printing. In addition, the new device is more than 25% made from recycled plastic, and filling kit – 75%. As a result, the impact on the environment during the whole lifespan of up to 84% less compared to conventional laser printers.

A new model of cartridge-free printing of HP printers Laser Neverstop Neverstop 1000n and 1200n Laser will go on sale in late April 2020 at a price of 15 and 19 990 990 rubles, respectively.

HP представила в России два новых бескартриджных принтера

HP представила в России два новых бескартриджных принтера