Hrytsenko called the TOP 5 candidates for key positions

Гриценко назвал ТОП-5 кандидатов на ключевые посты

Presidential candidate Anatoly Hrytsenko called the names of people who will work with him on the presidential quota: this is the head of the national Bank, the head of the SBU, the Minister of defense, Minister of foreign Affairs and the attorney General. The leader of “Civic position” according to the program “Right to rule” on Thursday evening.

According to Gritsenko, the post of attorney General will be headed by David Sakvarelidze. The National Bank Oleksandr Savchenko. Defense – Ivan Uparsin. SBU – Victor Trepak. Mid – Svetlana zalischuk.

“For the post of Prosecutor General David Sakvarelidze. Because this is a man who has zero tolerance for corruption, which feels tough, fairly or unfairly, has a law degree, which he studied not only in Georgia but also in Japan and Britain, which has shown to be effective and which will make the case. The national Bank Alexander Savchenko, doctor of economic Sciences, the man who first from the Ukraine headed by the EBRD. Which clearly knows how to keep the hryvnia, how to do loans at 10% in local currency during the year, the maximum that will not allow the banks to get our money. Defense Minister Ivan Uparsin, military reserves, passed through all stages from Lieutenant – regimental level, the rate of Chisinau, the General staff, Ministry of defense, the inspector knows the details of the army, will not allow looting in the blood and provide soldiers with everything necessary. The head of the SBU – fighting General Victor Trepak, took part in the Affairs of the interior Ministry General Pukach, judge chanter Zvarych, “diamond prosecutors”, “Ledger” of Yanukovych, which was transferred to NABOO. The man who was at the post of Colonel, but when I saw that from the President there are not impulses of fight against corruption, and the corruption, wrote a statement and left. The Minister of foreign Affairs – Svetlana zalischuk, now member of Parliament. A man who knows how to say no, which is respect and honor. The only drawback is young, but here we can help” – said Gritsenko.

The leading question about what Hrytsenko intends to reward those candidates who appeared in his favor, he replied that the position was not discussed, what could personally attest to each of the former candidates.

“Any position we have not discussed. There is a common understanding of problems, there is a common vision of how to solve them, and there is a willingness to shoulder to shoulder to go, not only through presidential elections and then in parliamentary elections, forming a government, local elections and to do business. So I am very grateful that they took the responsible decision of the government. This is the first time, by the way, in the history of Ukraine”, – said Gritsenko.

The leader of “citizenship” also urged all presidential candidates to present their top five candidates, which under the Constitution are to do business together with the future President.