Hryvnia may fall in the coming days: the reason

Гривня может упасть уже в ближайшие дни: названа причина

Payments of Ukraine in foreign debts in the coming months could lead to sizeable depreciation of the hryvnia.

This “Apostrophe. Economy,” said senior analyst of Forex Club group of companies Andrey Shevchishin.

According to experts, if the market gets a large amount of liquidity, “non-residents or other market participants can deploy positions and start buying dollars.”

Accordingly, the expert added, if this happens in February, the hryvnia exchange rate to decrease slightly. “But if the Ministry of Finance and the NBU will be able to hold the position at the current position and propetlyat until the end of February – beginning of March, have a chance to get to the beginning of the seasonal strengthening of the hryvnia and negative factors will be offset by positive,” he said.

Another factor in favor of the weakening of the hryvnia could be the liberalization of the foreign exchange market on 7 February.

According to Shevchishin, if the February forecast rate in the range of 27.5-28.5 hryvnia/dollar, given the risks, it is still probably “will move to the top”.