Huawei are deprived of access to Android and Google services. What is in store for Apple

Huawei лишили доступа к Android и сервисам Google. Чем это обернется для Apple

In the night from 19 to 20 may it became known that Google agreed to obey the order of the American government and to stop partnership with Huawei. The consequence of this decision was a ban on the use of Android and services the search giant in the smartphones of the Chinese company. understand, whether so it actually, and, if so, what new paradigm is threatened by Huawei and its users and how it might affect Apple and us.

Let me begin with the fact that there Huawei.

Huawei Android without

Google confirmed that it did not intend to boycott the decision of the us authorities on introduction of Huawei in the list of companies that threaten U.S. national security. However, the ban on the use of Android and Google in smartphones Huawei will apply only to future smartphones. And then, only in the last part of it.

In other words, the Chinese will still be able to operate Android, but will not be able to use applications and services like Google Play, Google Chrome, Google Maps and others. However, this requirement does not apply to existing devices that will remotely disable services from the search giant. But they can no longer claim any security patches or updates.

Due to the fact that Google already banned in China, local users cooling of relations between the two corporations is not expected to have any impact, even if Huawei decides not to roll out their own OS. But for all the others now sense in buying branded devices, the company simply does not. Well, no and no. What does Apple do?

How hurt Apple

In fact, at all. We have found that the Chinese are very Patriotic and when it comes to injustice against local corporations, react particularly acute. To highlight their involvement, local people start to boycott Apple products, and massively buying counterparts from Huawei, thus supporting the injured party.

Clear that after the decision of Google to withdraw from cooperation with Huawei, the Chinese decide to support native brand and will again begin to abandon the iPhone. And, given the scale of the tragedy and the solidarity of the Chinese, the upcoming migration of users will be one of the most massive in history. As a result, China will almost lost to Apple, which grants him great hopes. And this will be followed by a tremendous decline in iPhone sales, the fall in the value of Apple stock and decrease its market capitalization.

The new OS from Huawei

But even if it doesn’t happen, there’s another path that will lead Apple if not to ruin, at least to the loss of their positions in the market. It consists in the fact that the appearance of the new OS from Huawei at best just otschipnet fair share of iOS in China, and at worst will drive it out almost completely and spread its influence throughout the rest of the world.

Journalist Sergey Vilyanov, author of the blog considers this scenario highly unlikely in the short term.

“Unfortunately, I do not believe in secret Huawei platform, because the platform itself means little, and if it will not applications (they will not), the phones can only be sold as a camera with a modem,” he said.

But in the distant future – easily. According to Villanova, may 20 will be a historic date when all major companies including American, will finally decide to develop the business and konsumenckie products, which cannot be influenced by sanctions of one country. In the foreseeable future such products will be, I’m sure of Villanow, because nobody will allow to kill billions of dollars of business with the stroke of a pen.