“Huawei-eater” will buy a Meizu with all the fans

«Huawei-пожиратель» выкупит Meizu со всеми фанатами

The next smartphone Meizu 5G will be released with the use of Huawei technologies, the analyst believes.

From China received sad news for fans of the company Meizu. A couple of years ago, the company was at the hearing, its smartphones were in competition with famous flagships, and their operating system FlymeOS and is considered the main competitor of iOS.

Now it became known that the Affairs of the company going bad. In addition to the closure of almost all shops, from Meizu took about 30% of the employees and the chief systems engineer Hoon Hansen. In early July a sinking ship also left Vice-President and co-founder of Li Nan.

On this basis it becomes clear that Meizu is suffering economic and intellectual loss, and we can expect a new destiny. According to insiders, the majority of employees who have left the Meizu went to work at rival Huawei.

Chinese giant Huawei is famous for its aggressive policy of doing business, and his nickname in the business circles, translated into Russian language means “eater.”

Analysts believe that, after the decline of the active phase of U.S. sanctions, Huawei regrouped and ready to increase production. For this Huawei will buy the Meizu with all the fans, because the name of the company will remain the same.

In favor of this theory says the message of the Director General Meizu, which in June 2019, said that 2020 will be the smartphone Meizu technology 5G. The main producer and patent holder of 5G technology in the world is Huawei.

Comparing these facts, we can assume that Huawei will buy the Meizu and make them your sub-brand. Such purchase Huawei will be able to diversify their assets and make smartphones more versatile.

So the smartphone Huawei will be the flagship, smartphones Honor are all also focused on youth and smartphones from Meizu will remain high-quality employees.

«Huawei-пожиратель» выкупит Meizu со всеми фанатами

«Huawei-пожиратель» выкупит Meizu со всеми фанатами