Huawei has unveiled a bouquet of bright novelties. Powerful and with support for 5G

Huawei представила букет ярких новинок. Мощные и с поддержкой 5G

At the presentation of Huawei Consumer Business Product and Strategy the famous Chinese manufacturer has introduced a bouquet of new products. The main feature of the novelties of the it giant has become the combination of 5G and wireless technologies. The venue of the presentation was the city of Barcelona in Spain. There was held the largest exhibition MWC and there Huawei was planning to introduce a new device. However, it was canceled due to the outbreak of coronavirus. However, Huawei decided not to transfer a presentation and presented all their new devices as planned.

A flexible flagship

The main novelty of the presentation was flexible next-generation smartphone – Huawei Mate Xs, the sequel to the flagship 2019, Mate X. the screen of the device when open is 8 inches. Folded back the screen size will be of 6.38 inches and the front is 6.6 inches.

CEO Huawei consumer business Richard Yu said that the screen is covered with a double protective layer of the optical polyimide, which according to him, 80% of safer and stronger than one layer, as it was in last year Huawei Mate X. in addition, the improved hinge system itself. It is now made of liquid metal zirconium-based, which is 30% stronger than titanium.

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Photo: the new flagship from Huawei – Mate Xs

The battery inside the phone – volume 4500 mA/h, and it is 21% longer holds a charge, than Mate X. in addition, the volume of the battery is larger than that of its main competitors Huawei in the market of flexible smartphones to Samsung. The flagship Samsung Galaxy Fold battery capacity is 4380 mAh, and Z Flip generally 3300 mAh.

Included with the phone is also high-speed charging at 55 watts, which can charge the phone to 85% for 30 minutes. Inside the device is a new processor from Huawei – Kirin 990. The phone supports 5G. And photo answer 3 main camera: 40, 16 and 8 megapixels.

Mate at Xs will be the new shell EMUI 10 based on 10 Android and dark theme. Also the phone supports multiple Windows. The price will be 2499 EUR for the configuration of 8GB RAM and 512GB internal memory.

In the global market sales will start in March. Moreover, Richard Yu said that Huawei Mate Xs will be sold in all markets, not just in China, as it was with the Mate model X.

In addition, during the presentation, CEO consumer segment brought some statistics on the mobile market. For example, Huawei’s revenues grew by 18% in 2019. In 2019, the Chinese manufacturer has already supplied 10 million smartphones with support for 5G. Also last year, the company has allocated 15 billion euros for investments and the development of new technologies and took second place in the global smartphone market.

It is worth noting that Huawei is a reason does this emphasis on 5G. She is one of the leaders in the design and development of 5G networks. Before the start of the us sanctions, Huawei equipment is used in many countries, including the United States. Now, because of sanctions, Huawei losing their market and remains the leader only in China.

Besides, the 5G network is still not so common around the world. Trials of this technology are in the United States, Britain, and Russia. However, for now, 5G is not yet part of our everyday life. Therefore, as it is advisable now to pay for new technology to solve by the buyers.

Creative tablet

Huawei has also decided to revive the already slightly forgotten format of devices – tablets. To this end, it introduced the new tablet Mate pad Pro. The size of its screen is 10.8 inches, and the resolution 2560Х1609. The tablet screen is almost frameless. Thin frame around the screen thickness of only 4.9 mm, which is two times less than the iPad Pro (8,3 mm).

The thickness of the Chinese tablet is 7.2 mm thickness and a weight of 460 grams. The tablet will also support 5G connection. Bundled with it is a high-speed charging at 40 watts.

In separate presentations focused attention on the fact that this tablet is designed for creativity. This is evidenced by the tagline device “Pereosmyslil creativity.” So the tablet will work with stylus. This stylus also new the company will recognize up to 4 thousand different variants of depression. And if you touch the stylus to the lock screen of the tablet, then immediately launches the app for drawing.

In the tablet also introduced technology MultiScreen. It is possible to bring the smartphone to the tablet and the smartphone screen is displayed on the tablet. Thus it will be possible to run on a smartphone with a tablet. And files between your gadgets just to carry.

Photo: the Tablet Mate pad Pro

The materials from which made the tablet have several options of fiber glass and vegan leather. In the first variant, colors available – white and black. The second orange and green. In addition, or as an accessory, there is another keyboard that will need to be purchased separately.

Price of the device starts from 549 euros and reaches 699 euros (depending on configuration).

If you take the tablet with support for 5G, the price will be even higher: 799 euros (8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal)

or 949 euros (8 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal).

Photo: the Price of tablets

Chte for accessories, the stylus will cost 99 euros, the keyboard is 129 euros, and the case is 39 euros. Global sales will begin in April.

Along with the tablet, will the App Multipler which allows you to translate those applications in which the only available vertical position to a horizontal one. In March it will already be set to 3 thousands of the most popular apps in China. Richard Yu said that the number will only grow.

The US has formally charged Huawei of espionage

In defiance of “macbooka”

Huawei has not bypassed the party and the notebook market. Therefore, it presented several models – the flagship and two versions for consumers.

First – Matebook X Pro, with a 13.9-inch screen and a resolution of 3000Х2000. In addition, the laptop screen is touch – sensitive.

Inside the device is Intel i7 10th generation, and the Cabinet is fully metal. It will be available in three color variations: silver, grey and green. Also, the laptop will be available the same technology as in the tablet from Huawei: you can easily interconnect the gadgets and transfer files with one touch.

Photo: Matebook X Pro

The fact that the flagship laptop and confirm its price. They start from 1499 euros and reach in 1999 euros, depending on configuration. It should be noted that it is quite comparable price with Apple Macbook Pro. How profitable to buy a new laptop by the Chinese giant, than a product of the American “Apple” of the company will be possible to say exactly when Matebook X Pro will go on sale.

In addition to the flagship Matebook Pro X, was introduced and notebooks in the medium price segment: Matebook d14 and d15.

These devices, in which embedded processors are the Intel i7 or i5 last generation, and responsible for the graphics processor AMD Ryzen 7.

As for laptops of an average price category – it has a lot of elements of flagship models. For example, the fingerprint scanner on the power button or pull out the webcam from under the screen. Also included with the laptops is fast charging and pre-installed Windows 10 and Office 365.

Models will be available in two colors: gray and silver. And the Price range from 649 € to 949€, depending on configuration.

Photo: the price of Matebook d14 and d15

My gallery apps minesweeper and Wallpapers

Special emphasis Richard Yu made the app store App Galery from Huawei. He called on developers around the world to complement the gallery their applications. Richard Yu expressed hope that Huawei will continue to build close partnerships with mobile application developers. According to him, to date, invested more than $1 billion in the development of new applications for AppGallery.

This emphasis on the development of their applications are made for a reason. In 2019 Huawei lost access to Google services – against the company have earned US sanctions. At the presentation, Richard Yu said that the past 10 years of cooperation with Google has been really fruitful. However, now Huawei have to look for an alternative. Including trying to create my own application store. And judging by what amount is allocated for development, it is quite confident.

Huawei представила букет ярких новинок. Мощные и с поддержкой 5G

Huawei представила букет ярких новинок. Мощные и с поддержкой 5G

Huawei представила букет ярких новинок. Мощные и с поддержкой 5G

Huawei представила букет ярких новинок. Мощные и с поддержкой 5G

Huawei представила букет ярких новинок. Мощные и с поддержкой 5G

Huawei представила букет ярких новинок. Мощные и с поддержкой 5G

Huawei представила букет ярких новинок. Мощные и с поддержкой 5G