Huawei has unveiled its foldable smartphone for $2600

Huawei представил свой складной смартфон за $2600

During the official presentation in Barcelona, Huawei introduced its flagship smartphone that will be able to support the work of the 5G networks, according to RBC. A feature of the model is that it converts. When folded, the device has two screens, and in the expanded state, the user receives a screen diagonal of 7.2 inches, which is more than competitor Samsung Fold.

The cost of the new smartphone will be $2607.

“It’s the smartphone of the future. Internet speed it the highest in the world,” said sales Director of Huawei Richard Yu.

Samsung has introduced its new convertible model last week, saying the price of $2000. The Korean smartphone company is also bent and transformirovalsya in a thin tablet.

Huawei held a presentation on the background of the ongoing debate between the US and China. In Washington argue that the us officials should not use the Chinese devices, because they are able to convey sensitive information to the intelligence services of the PRC. In Huawei such accusations categorically reject, accusing Washington of unfair competition.