Huawei introduced a processor for base stations 5G

Huawei представила процессор для базовых станций 5G

Huawei continues to develop and introduce new technologies and makes a significant investment in this area. Its integrated 5G-processors support network of all standards in all ranges (P-range (3.5 G) and 2.6 G), enabling customers to access the best wireless service and microwave links. Using the latest algorithms and beam-forming technology, a single processor capable of controlling up to 64 channels, corresponding to the highest industry standards. New development Huawei also supports a high bandwidth of 200 MHz, i.e. the solution is designed not only for already existing networks, but networks of the future.

This solution also provides a revolutionary modernization of active antenna systems (AAU), thanks to the base station 50% less to 23% lighter and consume 21% less energy than their predecessors. 5G base stations can be deployed in two times faster than 4G base stations. These characteristics will help to avoid some technical difficulties and reduce costs.

Huawei has started the commercial launch of 5G networks in 2018, taking a lead role in the launch of a full range of commercial 5G solutions, field trials of technologies and large-scale commercial use of 5G.