Huawei introduces Kirin processor 990: characteristics and features of the chip

Huawei представила флагманский процессор Kirin 990: характеристики и особенности чипа

Huawei unveiled at IFA 2019 new flagship processor, the Kirin 990. In addition, the manufacturer has published a video which demonstrated the capabilities of the product.

Key features processor Kirin 990. According to the manufacturer, Kirin 990 in many industries has become the first in the world. In particular, this is the first 7-nm processor with built in 5G modem. The company also improved the graphics performance and energy efficiency.

The power of Kirin 990 5G compared to Kirin 980 rose 10% in single-core mode and 9% in multi-core. In addition, the company promises best-in-class energy efficiency, so the device will work longer than the competition.

Through the use of advanced 7-nm+EUV process technology Kirin 990 5G became the most compact in the industry mobile processor with support for 5G. In addition, it is also the first mobile chip with over 10 billion transistors.

Huawei представила флагманский процессор Kirin 990: характеристики и особенности чипа

Characteristics of processors Kirin 980

Thanks to the integrated modem Balong 5000, devices Kirin 990 5G will be able to download data from Internet at speeds of up to 2.3 Gbps when connecting to the networks of the fifth generation.

Kirin 990 5G is also the first flagship chip with a dual-core neuroblastom (NPU) based on the architecture of Da Vinci, which includes large and small NPU-core. First to provide high performance and energy efficiency when you perform heavy computational operations, while the second, used for the first time in the industry and are responsible for the execution of tasks with ultra-low power consumption.

Kirin 990 (5G) is the world’s first 5G SoC, which enables the end user to access 5G networks at the initial stage of their commercialization. To ensure the optimum use of 5G in all scenarios and to extend the use of smartphones, Kirin 990 (5G) supports increased productivity and efficiency, AI-calculus, as well as the image processor,
– said CEO Richard Yu.

Features processor Kirin 990. In addition, Huawei has posted a video demonstration of computing power and artificial intelligence of the new flagship processor, the Kirin 990. According to the manufacturer, the chipset allows video processing on mobile devices like never before.

As Kirin 990 processing video – see video

In the short teaser shows that Kirin 990 are able to analyze the people in the video and pixel-by-pixel “cut” them. This allows you to replace the background to any other, and even remove unwanted objects from the frame. Moreover, they can be reordered and blur the background in already filmed the video.

Key features processor Kirin 990 – watch videos

In any device there will be new chips? It is not excluded, as shown in the video features make their debut in the Huawei Mate 30, who will present on September 19. The new processor will also be installed in flexible Mate X.

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