Huawei is preparing a “killer” Google Glass

Huawei готовит «убийцу» Google Glass

Device design sunglasses will get the camera, microphone, and protection from water.

Apparently, soon glasses of augmented and virtual reality will become as familiar and accessible as a smart watch. So, Huawei after Microsoft is preparing a “killer” Google Glass. This is evidenced by the patent registered by a Chinese company.

In the application sent to the European intellectual property office, listed two brands – Huawei Huawei VR Glass and AR Glass. This suggests that the official announcement of novelties will take place in the near future. Not yet known – will be immediately presented two models of glasses, or in a single device will be combined augmented and virtual reality.

Reportedly, the device’s design will resemble the classic sunglasses, and intelligent components will be carefully distributed in the body. The accessory can operate for up to 3 days without recharging, which is facilitated by a battery of 2200 mAh. Probably to save space in the body, glasses will only be charged wireless charging. Through this case managed to do sealed with dust – and moisture protection standard IP67.

Device functionality is not known. Previous leaks indicated the presence of a microphone and camera in glasses from Huawei. Also likely to have headphones. The glasses will be able to interact with voice assistants, and augmented reality technology will provide instant access to information about the selected objects.

Glasses will likely demonstrate at IFA 2019 – then will be revealed the price of the device and its release date. Recall, the cost of glasses Google Glass 3.0 is said to start at 113000 roubles, and massive Microsoft Hololens will cost 348 thousand. Not possible that Huawei will present the most affordable sunglasses on the market, the cost of which will be below 100 thousand. Moreover, these glasses stand out from the competition with a design that will not frighten passers-by, and will suit any style of clothing.

Huawei готовит «убийцу» Google Glass

Huawei готовит «убийцу» Google Glass