Huawei launches in Ukraine, payment through NFC: launch date

Huawei запускает в Украине оплату через NFC: дата запуска

Huawei запускает в Украине оплату через NFC: дата запуска

A division of Huawei Consumer Business Group in Ukraine will soon launch the contactless payment service using NFC on their smartphones. A partner for the launch by the Ukrainian financial-technology company EasyPay.

As reported by the channel 24, Huawei announced the launch of contactless payments on all its smartphones in Ukraine in may. Start of the project is planned for the III quarter of 2020.

Huawei Pay

The project is a separate decision from EasyPay based on NFC technology and will be presented under the brand EasyPay. It should be noted that technologically the project will be independent from commercial banks.

In the framework of the strategic partnership Huawei and EasyPay service of NFC-payments will first be presented exclusively for smartphones Huawei.

“The partnership with Huawei is a very important step not only for EasyPay, but for the entire FINTECH market of Ukraine. This recognition of our potential, innovation and revolutionary technological solutions… the synergy with Huawei, a leader in the mobile industry, will enable us to do this quickly and efficiently,” said Alexei Avramenko, CEO and founder of EasyPay.

Why Huawei introduces NFC payment

The fact that the new phones operate on the basis of the company’s services at that time, as other Android smartphones use Google services. Therefore, Huawei was forced to create its own payment system using NFC. In Ukraine, her partner became a financial-technology company EasyPay.

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