Huawei was accused of cheating: how justified the company

Huawei обвинили в обмане: как оправдалась компания

The new flagship smartphone Huawei P30 is expected to release on March 26. In the company promise that the novelty will receive the best on the market the camera. However, in advertising the new camerafor users noticed the deception – to the announcement used in professional photography.

In particular, the network found a few pictures that Huawei used in a promotional poster new, and they were taken on a professional camera.

Moreover, some of them dated 2009. Obviously, then, the question was not about this level of the camera.

Huawei обвинили в обмане: как оправдалась компания

Huawei used professional photos to advertise

How to respond to Huawei. The company acknowledged that the photo in a promotional poster really wasn’t made for Huawei P30. The Chinese stressed that they did not say that like it’s their news. In fact, the pictures played a different role.

We would like to reiterate that really this is just advertising posters, and they are intended only to hint at a unique new feature that will appear in a series of Huawei P30,
– explained in Huawei.

The company also added that they acquired the rights to the original images, and the posters are just artistic reproduction of these functions.

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