Hubble gave the photo of the galaxy, which is very similar to our – an incredible the

Hubble, space probe NASA transmitted to Earth incredible the galaxy, very reminiscent of the milky Way. Galaxy the footage also has a spiral shape.

It is called NGC 772. However, according to NASA, this photographed a galaxy is “peculiar” in a spiral shape. She has some strange size, shape and composition.

“However, this doesn’t change the fact how beautiful this galaxy,” – said in the message.

As you can see in the picture, bright spots shining from the center of the galaxy are woven in dark matter, cosmic dust. ⁣

What is known about NGC 772?
This galaxy was discovered in 1785. The discoverer of this object was Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel. It is located in the constellation of Aries over 100 million light years from our milky way galaxy.

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