Hubble made UltraRAE galaxy (photo)

Хаббл сделал снимок ультраяркой галактики (фото)

The picture shows the so-called gravitational lensing effect, in which space is curved by massive objects, and light curves.

Thanks to the Hubble space telescope, scientists have obtained UltraRAE of the galaxy known as PLCK G045.1 + 61.1.

In a picture published on the website of the Observatory, the galaxy looks like a lot of reddish dots near the center of the image and gravity linzerella a cluster of closer galaxies, which are also visible in this image.

Reportedly, gravitational lensing occurs when a large distribution of matter, such as galactic cluster, is located between the Earth and the remote light source. Since the space is curved by massive objects, the light from the remote object is bent, when he sent to us. This effect was first predicted by the General theory of relativity.

From 2009 to 2013, Planck space Observatory carried out repeated shooting throughout the sky. In these experiments, Planck found some of the brightest galaxies with large gravitational lenses and high redshift in the night sky.

It was during the study of these selected Planck-Herschel sources using Hubble was discovered optical stellar light emitted from this ultraearly the galaxy.

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