Hubble received the “most dramatic” of the galaxy: photos

The European space Agency (ESA) has shared new images that sent the Hubble telescope. This time the pictures caught the galaxy NGC 5468, which is located at a distance of more than 130 million light years from Earth.

One of the most dramatic moments in the Universe when stars die. During the “death” of stars can be observed the phenomenon that astronomy called a supernova. During this process, the brightness of the stars increases by two times, and then slowly fades away.

Education supernova is incredibly entertaining. And in the galaxy NGC 5468 scientists were able to detect a number of new outbreaks.

Hubble получил снимок "самой драматичной" галактики: фото

Hubble получил снимок "самой драматичной" галактики: фото

Galaxy NGC 5468

Note, all supernovae are divided into two types:

  • One type of supernova massive star exhausts the fuel at the end of its life cycle, dramatically imploding and exploding.
  • And in the other in a binary system a dense white dwarf, with a mass of about the sun, merges with the companion star, resulting in a powerful explosion.

Writes the ESA, over the last 20 years in NGC 5468, astronomers were able to see the supernova both 1999cp SN, SN 2002cr, SN2002ed, SN2005P and SN2018dfg.

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