“Hubble” sent a picture of the unusual spiral galaxy

«Хаббл» прислал фотографию необычной спиральной галактики

Spiral galaxies are characterized by bright core, as well as the so-called “jumper” – a long train of stars cut through the center of the galaxy in the middle. The European space Agency (ESA) has published new photos of the unusual spiral galaxy NGC 1175 from the constellation “Perseus” made by the orbital telescope “Hubble”.

Interestingly, the image was obtained in the framework of the “gems of the galactic zoos”, the essence of which is to provide the telescope astronomers-fans in between scheduled projects.

When looking at the edge of the galaxy, you can see that its structure is disproportionate. Therefore, the inner region appear to be more convex in some directions than in others, what makes them take the form of a giant letter “X”.

Despite research suggesting that our milky Way has an X-shaped core, it remains unclear how and when formed these unusual bulges. The researchers suggest that they began to take shape about seven billion years ago. Their appearance is connected with the formation of galactic bars. The stars within these “jumpers” are rotating around the galactic centre is a complex, dynamic way, with lots of vertical movements. Further study of such spiral galaxies will help in better understanding of the Universe.

«Хаббл» прислал фотографию необычной спиральной галактики