Humanoids close: ISS Camera recorded giant yellow UFO – UFO

Representatives of space Agency NASA showed the most amazing footage from the ISS, which may be proof of alien life. The fact that near the station was discovered the UFO.

Гуманоиды близко: Камера МКС зафиксировала гигантский желтый НЛО - уфологи

Hunter UFO YouTube channel Streetcap1 was struck when near the ISS saw a real UFO that flew very close. The footage, which was recorded by the camera, you notice a giant oblong UFO yellow color. Ufologists are sounding the alarm because they believe that humanoids are very close, as they have already reached the ISS.

Expert on alien life Scott C. Waring says that this is not the first case when the aliens sent their flying ships in order to extract more information from the space station. Recall that in late August ufologists also recorded near the ISS two small UFOs.

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