Hummer is going to release a competitor Tesla Cybertruck

General Motors restarts the Hummer brand, which had previously produced a clumsy SUV “a little wider than the street.” Now the automaker is going to release under this brand electrical pickups, and the face of the advertising campaign was a basketball player LeBron James.

Almost ten years ago General Motors, under the threat of bankruptcy, closed its most expensive Hummer brand in an attempt to cut costs. Now the car company intends to again start selling cars under this brand, although about the full revival of the brand is too early to say, according to CNN.

Most interesting is that the Hummer, which is known for its voracity, and never sought to be energy-efficient, returns to the “green” version in the form of electrical pickup.

Features of electric Hummer

Other characteristic features of the brand, fortunately, will remain unchanged: the truck will be reliable and tough. Technical details are still unknown, but the beginning of sales is scheduled for 2022. During the final basketball season of the new electric truck is going to advertise LeBron James.

In November, the head of GM Mary Barra said at a meeting with investors on the first electric light truck group, which will be done at the factory “hammer” in Detroit.

What does General Motors company

Now GM is in the process of electrifying its model range. The company is investing billions of dollars. Barr intends to produce up to 2023, twenty new electric cars and, it seems, are willing to take large risks in order to achieve this goal. In the past the company was going to develop electropica with Rivian, but the deal fell through. Michigan startup has refused to transfer GM exclusive rights to manufacture.

In 2018, the defense division of General Motors showed a concept of the hydrogen vehicle for the army. The model is called the Chevrolet Silverado ZH2, and based on the design of a civilian Chevrolet pickup Silverado 2019 model year.

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