Hummer is returned as an electric brand, and very soon

Hummer возвращается как электрический бренд, и очень скоро

General Motors is not by accident decided not to sell the Hummer brand to the Chinese, because the company has its own plans for the legendary brand. Last summer there were the first rumors that GM could revive a Hummer as a manufacturer of electric vehicles, today the information became a reality.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, General Motors plans to announce the return of the Hummer during the broadcast of the final of the national tournament for the American football Super Bowl with the involvement of the superstars of the NBA LeBron James. As you know, 30-second advertising spot during the Super Bowl costs about $5 million, plus a substantial fee star Ambassador is a clear indicator of the seriousness of GM.

Thus, if the rumors are true, then the official details about Hummer EV will appear in less than a month. Recall that the initial data Hummer will offer customers a range of electric SUV and on the basis of existing models of the GMC brand. Also in the line come in and pickup.

Sales will be made through dealers GMC, and production will establish the plant in Detroit-Hamtramck, which will be retooled for $3 billion we will Note that investments in production have already been agreed and signed with the leadership of the UAW.