Hundreds of parrots have colonized the city in the South of France

Сотни попугаев колонизировали город на юге Франции

Over five hundred parrots settled in the heart of the southern French city of Montpellier, the administrative capital of Herault Department.

“More than 500 parrots, according to one estimate – 554, now occupy the centre of the Department of Herault in Montpellier. These birds are recognizable by the bright colors of feathers and a very sharp screams, colonized the city. They settled in urban parks and gardens, which surprised some people,” – said in the story.

As told reporters the student of the ecological faculty of the local University Claire the Gun, the birds flew away from the cells, the other released by the owners. Since parrots have multiplied and colonized Montpellier.

Ornithologists have noted that this phenomenon is observed not only in the South of France. In Europe, for example, parrots settle in suburban areas.

According to Claire the Gun, parrots live in large gardens where old trees with a minimum height of 8 meters, because looking for a cavity. In addition, it is very important to have a water – ponds, lakes. Birds feed on mostly fresh fruits and seeds.

Native environment think of parrots in Africa and Asia. The first parrots were imported to France?? in the mid 1970-ies. About the same time they appeared in the UK, Spain and Italy.