Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban “adopted” a Rhino in the network choose an animal name – 24 Channel

Угорський прем'єр Орбан "всиновив" носорога: у мережі обирають тварині ім’я - 24 Канал

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban “adopted” a young rhinoceros from the zoo and appealed to the public to help choose the animal’s name.

The head of the Hungarian government said in a video on his page in Facebook.

I received a special request from a menagerie in Nyiregyhaza make Rhino. I did it, but this process occurs in parallel with the responsibilities of “the godfather”, so we now need to give it a name
– said Orban.

“I chose a few options close to me. The time has come to make a choice. For this case, we don’t need a majority of two-thirds of the votes”, – said the Hungarian Prime Minister.

So, among the options named “adopted” Orban Rhino, there’s Chico, the Antion, Bernardo, Desire, Legs and Full Jimmy (the hero of the famous Hungarian books).


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