Hungary did not change the controversial name of “Commissioner for the region”, despite the agreement – Ukrainian foreign Ministry

Угорщина не змінили скандальну назву "уповноваженого по Закарпаттю", попри домовленість – МЗС України

Hungary intervenes in the internal Affairs of Ukraine, said the foreign Ministry

The Hungarian authorities on the background of aggravation of relations with Ukraine has not fulfilled the agreement to change the controversial name of “the Commissioner of the Minister of Transcarpathia”. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister Vasily Bodnar’s comments in the “UKRINFORM”.

Bodnar, commenting on a new aggravation in relations between Kyiv and Budapest, said that the latter did not fulfill a key agreement to change the conflicting names of officials responsible for assistance to the Hungarians of the Transcarpathian region.

“The agreement that was reached between the Ministers during a telephone conversation (31 August to change the name “Ombudsman Carpathians”) is not executed. So now the question arises, how is it with the Hungarian side to negotiate,” – said the Deputy Minister.

The Agency asserts that the Deputy Minister “says unwillingness of Hungary to cooperate” and sees that Hungary intervenes in the internal Affairs of Ukraine.

As you know, in early August, Kiev protested through the creation of the government of Hungary office of the Commissioner of the Minister, responsible for the development of Transcarpathian region. Ukraine took this decision as interference in internal Affairs, because “the competence of the Commissioner classified as the part of the sovereign territory of Ukraine”.

The foreign Ministry expressed readiness to deny entry into Ukraine to the Commissioner if the job title will not be changed.

31 Aug Pavlo Klimkin said that his colleague péter Szijjártó has promised to change the conflicting name. Hungary subsequently confirmed this agreement.