Hungary: “inhuman” act homeless

Венгрия: "бесчеловечный" закон о бездомных

Hungary has enacted a law forbidding the homeless to sleep on the streets. Now they are obliged to live in special shelters, homelessness is considered a crime. Napocensia the police have the right to detain. However, their personal belongings and makeshift shelters will be destroyed.

Human rights activists call these actions “inhumane” and “discriminatory”, arguing that the purpose of the law is not to help but to intimidate the representatives of the most vulnerable categories of the population.

“We still don’t know what will happen to the animals of homeless people with their dogs, for example. And if shelters will not be free places, what are we going to do?”, asks Faith Kovacs, an activist of the First Housing.

Caring for the future inhabitants and expansion of shelters, the government allocated almost 29 million euros. But this is not enough, insist NGOs.

Венгрия: "бесчеловечный" закон о бездомных

Protest action against adoption of law near the Hungarian Parliament building. October 14, Budapest.

“There are a lot of people with addiction, with mental or psychiatric problems. And today the current system cannot provide them with proper care because there are not enough specialists”, explains Zoltan, Akni, Director of Fund “Shelter”.

According to experts, in Hungary there are at least 20 thousand homeless, and public shelters are not more than 11 thousand.

In developing the law it was not considered, as the opinion of representatives of charity organizations complain about pravozaschitniki.

“Organizations assisting the homeless, treat the new law with skepticism, because the system is not ready for the changes that he brings. Homeless people on the streets will be less, but it will not solve all problems” – from the Budapest correspondent of Euronews Daniel bozsik.

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