Hungary, next week will prohibit entry from Ukraine

Венгрия со следующей недели запретит въезд из Украины

Hungary from Wednesday, July 15, introduces new restrictions on cross-border travel in connection with a rash of new cases in several countries, said on Sunday the administration of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, reports Interfax.

Under the new rules, all Hungarian citizens returning from countries with high risk of infection, that is, from the “yellow” and “red” zones, will have to undergo a medical examination at the border and to serve a quarantine.

The same applies to foreigners coming from countries of the “yellow” zone. The entry of foreigners from countries of the “red” zone will be prohibited.

To the “red” category includes, in particular, the Balkan countries and Ukraine, Serbia and Romania is listed as “yellow,” and the entry of Croatia is not yet regulated.

Zones are defined by the risk of the spread of the coronavirus, where “red” is the most dangerous, “green” – potentially dangerous.

However, drivers engaged in cargo transportation, transit passengers, and arriving on business trips are exempt from the restrictions. However, the report says, they may be subjected to medical examination.

In Hungary, with a population of about 10 million people, as of Sunday there were 4 thousand 234 cases Covid-19 and 595 related deaths. Sunday reported five new cases of infection.