Hunting with eagles: an old tradition of Kazakhstan

Охота с беркутом: старинная традиция Казахстана


The Golden eagle is one of the symbols of Kazakhstan. It can be seen on the national flag, as a reminder of the banner of Genghis Khan, which was an eagle on a blue background. Hunting with eagles is an old tradition in Kazakhstan.

Vladimir Zemblevsky, Executive Director of the Federation berkutchi, showed us how they hunt with eagles in the desert. His feathered friend is the Sadaqah, which means “bow”. Sadaka 5 years, its wingspan is 2.5 meters. Hunter’s relationship with his hunting bird, to the naked eye it is visible that Vladimir is proud of Sadaka and says he is very grateful to him.

“People of the eagle nothing can teach a person learns of the eagle. Personally, I learn from the eagle”, – said Vladimir Ziemlewski.

Vladimir deals with birds for 40 years. The Sadaqah has no children, but according to his master, soon he will need to look for a bride.

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