Hydro-Quebec hike: Montreal buses in 2019

As the 17th edition of the Hydro-Québec Hike ended under a sunny Sunday in Alma, Liberty Cycling Director General Claude Asselin revealed that a novelty next year will attract many cyclists from the Montreal area.

“Among the things we want to add, there is the part of getting people from Montreal by bus so far. We have seen in the salons that people would like that, because in Montreal people do not all have a car. There are many who would like it, but having to rent a car, they find it complicated. We will organize it next year, but this year I did not have the necessary trailers. But with Groupe Voyages Québec, I will be able to do that. So next year we’re going to have some groups from Montreal that will be transported here, “said Claude Asselin, who is still happy to see how the 500 or so cyclists who took part in the event came from all over Quebec.

The latter was also the head of the event for the first year while he took over from Roger Filion, the “Monsieur Vélo” of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

“It’s been 17 years since I did it, because I founded it with Roger. On the other hand, there is a bundle of small details that I did not see. I think the transition was good and I took a lot of notes. It was very good and I liked it. But I must say that I had a good heritage, because the machine is well honed, “he continued.

For his part, Roger Filion was present on site to see how his “baby” was autonomous.

Once again this year, the event made it possible to travel the entire Veloroute des Bleuets in three days for a total of at least 267 kilometers. In addition, it is possible in recent years to add to this figure by browsing additional loops, including Girardville, Sainte-Hedwidge and Saint-André.

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