Hypertension is not a sentence, but these products that help to normalize blood pressure

Гипертония не приговор: Названы продукты, помогающие нормализовать давление

Adding them to your diet, you can virtually eliminate medication.

Pathologically high pressure which stretches and thins the walls of blood vessels is called hypertension. The disease of the 21st century, claiming millions of lives annually. Doctors say that hypertension is not a death sentence and rather to stick to a specific diet to live a normal life. Recently, experts have named products that help to normalize blood pressure.

The first thing that will alleviate the disease, is the use of 2 times a week omega-3-containing fish. A great option would be salmon. The second is oatmeal. Only to give preference to have a product that requires a long cooking time. Oat flakes fast preparation special benefit will not bring.

Miracles with body high blood pressure does beet. It is rich in Niacin, ascorbic and folic acid, fiber and vitamin B. the Product prevents the formation of plaque, improves the condition of blood vessels and prevents absorption of cholesterol. Also, according to doctors, hypertensive patients saves garlic. Just use a clove per day.

In addition to these products people with pathologically high blood pressure should eat dark green vegetables, pomegranate juice, fruit, quinoa, brown rice and nuts. At the slightest suspicion for high blood pressure doctors recommended to turn to professionals and not to self-medicate.