Hyundai has introduced a new electric car without a steering wheel

В Hyundai представили новый электрокар без руля

Technological progress in the modern world does not stop for a minute. Especially it concerns the global automotive industry, which constantly amazes the townsfolk their futuristic innovations.

Giant Korean automobile industry, Hyundai has presented a new car model Hyundai Prophecy. Instead of all the usual steering a car equipped with a joystick for control.

The developers of the new electric cars I am sure the new electric car is the embodiment of corporate style model of Sensuous Sportiness. Perhaps some parts will be implemented in production vehicles of the future generation.

The main difference of the new electric car toits predecessor more streamlined and smooth body shape. It is noted that some body parts are made of durable plastic. Personality Hyundai Prophecy adds pixel optics.

The cabin doors open as we all know, and just swing open towards each other. Between them there is a dividing counter. Each passenger has a separate seat.

Electric built-in autopilot, so no steering wheel, but instead on the sides of the driver’s seat is a joystick.