Hyundai is going to become a leader in the segment of electric vehicles on the EU market

Hyundai собирается стать лидером в сегменте электромобилей на рынке ЕС

After the debut in 2018 demand for electric crossover Hyundai Kona Europe is only growing, and in March the Koreans will launch the production model in the Czech Republic. In addition, it is planned to reduce terms of deliveries of the electric car from South Korea (the machine is produced at the plant in Ulsan). The plans for 2020 from Hyundai Napoleon to become the leader in the segment of EV on the EU market.

Until the end of December 2020 the Koreans intend to sell in the Old world of 80 thousand vehicles without internal combustion engines. We are talking about models such as Kona Electric, Electric Ioniq and Nexo.

“We listen to our customers and respond to the increased demand for electric vehicles. Hyundai sees huge potential in the segment of EV on the European market – more and more local motorists thinking about how their car affects the environment in cities”, – told reporters the head of Hyundai Motor Europe Dong Woo Choi.

The most promising electric model Hyundai is a crossover SUV Kona. It combines the most popular body type and a long range. The basic version of the SUV is equipped with a battery capacity of 39 kW·h Electric Top Kona have a battery 64 kWh. the First provides a range of 290 km, the second is able to travel on a single charge 450 km.