Hyundai Kona Electric and then creates a stir

Hyundai Kona Electric и дальше создает ажиотаж

Debuted eco-friendly Korean more than two years ago, but the model never loses in popularity. The situation is the opposite, because in the database the number is gradually increasing the number of applications for the car every month.

Most applications Hyundai Kona Electric has collected in the external market. The Korean brand has shared the success of its electricross. Now in database there are over 100 thousand copies sold. Exactly 75% of that number is sold, just outside of South Korea. Such dynamics of sales is very positive for the reputation of the Hyundai brand.

Hyundai Kona Electric was not created only for the purpose of quick profits. The model is part of an overall brand strategy for 2025. By that time, the manufacturer intends to achieve total sales of 560 thousand copies.

Hyundai Kona Electric got a good motor return 201 l/s. torque is 395 Nm. For energy efficiency meets a powerful battery in kWh. It guarantees the autonomy of 415 km without charge. Such mileage on a single full battery charge will provide Hyundai Kona Electric popularity in the European market.

In equipping the car is powerful battery 64 kWh that delivers a range of 415 kilometers without additional charging. While the Hyundai brand does not consider the division of the model into several versions depending on the battery capacity and mileage on a single charge. In the future, this solution may appear.