“I am a Bunny”: Pritula suddenly gave the secret to friendship with Vakarchuk

"Я - зайчик": Притула неожиданно выдал главный секрет дружбы с Вакарчуком

Prytula frankly told him how was on the 30th place in the “Voice” Vakarchuk.

Entertainer and well-known TV presenter Sergey Pritula said that he was leaving politics. He is running for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on early elections of the party singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s “the Voice.” Pritula has agreed to take part in the parliamentary election list of the party Vakarchuk only after much persuasion.

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Sergey Pritula said he began talks regarding the participation in elections last fall. At that time, the showman once again ridiculed Vakarchuk for his indecision.

My final decision was preceded by several months of dialogue. The dialogue began last fall. It was October, I think, or the beginning of November when I scored. This conversation really wasn’t supposed to presage anything good, because I just once again walked in the media by Svyatoslav Ivanovich in the sense his indecision regarding a possible vote. The glory of it hurt, he scored, he said that we need to meet and mingle. Says: “I think we’re about the same field, and in the minds of people need to stick together“- said Pritula.

After that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk called the broadcaster in December 2018. This conversation was not productive. The leader of the group “Okean Elzy” again contacted the Perched after the announcement of the results of the second round of the presidential election.

We met for an informal conversation. He came to my house to visit, we spent hours the night before talking… try to find some common denominators, looked into the future and it was clear that the two straight lines which have not previously crossed from a parallel turn in those that converge, “said Sergey Prytula.

Showman also said it was on the 30th place in the list of party “Voice”, because this place does not guarantee that Prytula will be included in the Council. He noted that thus motivates Ukrainians to vote for the party and themselves.

I like the Bunny-postivistic on those crutches come to the party office of “Voice” and feel there is a very healthy, nice atmosphere. It reminds me of some Plast camp or something. There are all like – minded people, all supporting each other. Our chat is constantly bursting with ideas, from mutual support. “I’m campaigning there. Who’s with me?” – “Me, me, me”. All gathered, let’s go. There is no stealing of each other“- summed up Sergey Prytula.

"Я - зайчик": Притула неожиданно выдал главный секрет дружбы с Вакарчуком

"Я - зайчик": Притула неожиданно выдал главный секрет дружбы с Вакарчуком