I am a single man, Keanu Reeves spoke about his personal life

Я одинокий мужчина, – Киану Ривз рассказал о личной жизни

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves is one of the few representatives of show business, which did not disclose details of his personal life. However, recently he made an exception and we spoke openly with journalists.

It happened during the presentation of new action movie involving Keanu Reeves is “John Wick 3”, reports The Jakarta Post. The actor admitted that he would like to meet a loved one, but now he has no relations.

“Are you asking about a romantic relationship? I am a lonely man. I have none, but if there are, then I will respect and love this man. I hope in my lifetime it will happen,” said Keanu Reeves.

In addition, the star of “the Matrix” and “John Wick” has told, why not advertise his private life. According to Keanu Reeves, no public employees should not answer such questions, because fans admire them, and his work. At the same time, the actor admitted that the search of his beloved, devoting a little time.

Я одинокий мужчина, – Киану Ривз рассказал о личной жизни

Keanu Reeves starred in a sensual photo shoot / GQ

What is known about the personal life of Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves has never been married. Even in the media rumor has it that Hollywood actor accidentally married to Winona Ryder. Rumors have circulated incendiary star: she is convinced that during the filming of “Dracula” (1992) with their Keanu married a priest.

We got married in “Dracula”. I swear, I think we’re really married. In that scene, Francis invited this Romanian priest. We shot a scene, and he spent the entire ceremony. So it seems to me that we’re married,
said Winona Ryder.

Himself Keanu Reeves has not commented on this resonant statement, because it probably won’t be able to forget his beloved Jennifer Syme. The actress died in 2001 in a car accident. 2 years before the tragedy, Keanu and Jennifer had lost his only daughter, Ava Archer. Although the actor is still not led a secular life, but after the loss was like a hermit.

In January of 2018 for the first time in decades, Keanu Reeves is spotted on a date. The actor looked happy next to the artist Alexandra Grant. However, their relationship, according to the actor, did not continue.

Я одинокий мужчина, – Киану Ривз рассказал о личной жизни

Photos from Dating Keanu Reeves / The Daily Mail