“I can’t look at children – they are hungry!”: the miners in “LC” is required to pay the salaries of

«Не можем смотреть на детей - они голодные!»: шахтеры в «ЛНР» требовали выплатить зарплату

Miners and workers of the coal industry in ORLO have large debts on a salary, despite regular shipments of coal mined. People demanded them to return the money earned during his meeting with the “Deputy Minister of coal industry”, which came in Anthracite on 26 June 2019. It is reported DonPress.

Workers told about their plight – lack of funds for food, treatment, clothing, utilities. According to them, was recently given a salary for March, which is “broken” – broken to several small pieces. The coal is mined and shipped, the completed cars leave every day.

The situation with remuneration of labour explained one of the representatives of:

“We depend on the sale of coal. Delay of coal of up to 90 days, we can’t pay wages… We as a cog in the system, and this system allows you to pay only way.”

People are fired, and the remaining have to take on responsibilities and work literally, “for three”. In this case wages, according to workers, is very low.

“We have half the people paid and went to work. A miner is a person who once valued, says one of the workers. – And now… I came here after a night out and can’t look at children – they are hungry, just hungry!”.

The official said that in mid-July, the debt will be paid in April. According to him, the main problem is the “sunset of the money after the sale of coal products”.