I close, try to beat me: the legendary Federer intimidated opponents SMS messages

Я близко, попробуй меня победить: легендарный Федерер запугивал соперников смс-сообщениями

The father of the legendary tennis player Roger Federer Robert, said that before his son often behaved improperly. Roger was sending rivals messages before matches.

Father Federer said that often he and his wife was ashamed of his son’s behavior.

Roger has always had certain expectations from their own games. If something did not work, he was very annoyed. Sometimes, my wife was very ashamed of the behavior of Roger. We tried many times to talk to him and explain that you will not tolerate such behavior on the court, and don’t want to see it.

I personally tried to play, to get out to the net to complete the drawings by sharp blows. Subsequently, my coordination and technique have improved markedly and I started to get those balls that were previously impossible for me. At this point I realized that tennis brings incredible pleasure, and do everything to bring the idea to the son.

I constantly tried to reason with him and make him understand that to send our future opponents a message with the text: “I close, try to defeat me” – is a manifestation of improper conduct,
said Robert Federer.

At the moment Roger Federer is the strongest and most titled tennis player of the open era. Federer has won more than 100 tournaments of various level, and also became the winner of 20 tournaments of the Grand Slam. In 38 years, the Swiss still playing at a high level.