I clung to the box with his teeth, interview with the Ukrainian boxer, winning 15 fights in the United States

Я цеплялся за бокс зубами, – интервью с украинским боксером, победившим в 15 боях в США

Recently, Sergey Bogachuk has won their 15 consecutive victory by knockout in his professional career. In an interview, he talked about Boxing prejudice, coaching methods, Abel Sanchez, a possible change of weight category and future plans.

The first part of the interview with Sergey Bogachuk, where he spoke about the milestones of his career, the fight with the Cuban, Sotolongo the failure at the Olympic qualification tournament, the difference in pros and Amateurs read the link.

– Do You have free time? What you love to do?

– In the States a bit boring, so I go fishing. I bought a Quad license for a year, so it’s legal (Smiles).

I had a friend who Mexican boxer Alex Acedo. We somehow got to talking on this subject, and went together to fish. He explained to me what the bought rods. We didn’t know where stuff is, and went to the trout. Threw-thrown, but nothing was caught. Then came some people. Sat near us and started pulling out big carps. I did not know and began to move closer to them, watching what they catch. Then you hear that talk in Russian, and I to them, and it was the Belarusians. They gave me tackle, bait, explained everything and said that after 30-40 minutes will bite. It was already dark and they were gone. I gave up, and, indeed, in about 30 minutes start to bite. Pulled out, but there is a break. Was emotional, but it was already dark, and Alex returned home to rest.

The next day in the morning we at the bait shop bought equipment and bait. Returned to the same spot. And I have the timer specifically included, and exactly 30 minutes start to bite. And there is such a bite that the bells can not put. If you did not clutch to twist, caught spinning in the water. We then caught a lot. 6 Karpov. Of 2 kilograms we took home and 3-4 pieces of pound released. He returned home and together with the French perechistili all the fish, and then the sour cream, and garlic in foil on the grill. Then everyone left, we cut it up and froze. I the fish still two months had finished.

– You all live together in the house?

– Yes, we have virtually a three story house. There are two floors and a third attic, but it’s made for the bedroom. The house is divided into two halves. On the second floor a few rooms and the kitchen on each half. On the ground floor a sauna and a gym. Everything is very convenient.

– How many people live here?

– We have a pipeline. The evening of Boxing are all different, and why some come and others leave. There are three human lives, and sometimes by the eight – like when.

– You already have their own room?

– Previously lived with children, but they moved and now live by myself. We can say that the third floor is mine.

– What do you think about crestone?

– At me such was not. I did not practice and do not understand. You are worthy when you respect your opponent. Yes, this show and helps to increase interest in the fight, but for me it’s crazy. You always have to be human.

– Who are your idols?

As explosive and beating boxer I like Mike Tyson. Nature undoubtedly prefer Arturo Gatti. I watched his fights, and he’s so strong-willed, have such a character that few people can be put next to.

– Who is now targeting in his weight class?

– First of all, is a young Mexican Jaime Mungia. He is now champion in my weight category under version WBO. Also American Jarrett Hurd, who lost the last fight Julian Williams, whom I also consider as a good opponent in the future. And another highlight of his partner, ex-WBA champion Frenchman Michel Soro. We sparred a lot and now train in one hall. In addition, serious guys Cuban, Erislandy Lara and the Argentinian Brian castaño, who a few fights ago, he won Soro. And that’s just from known and still unknown there are several fighters that don’t broadcast, and they together with me move up.

There can be a situation that until I reach high places, there will already be very different boxers. The current leaders can change the weight or tie, and from the lower weight will go great young boxers. So the competition is very serious.

– Have you ever had to fight outside the ring?

– I have had a difficult childhood and had to fight. Kiev region Vinnitsa not very prosperous. Fought-tolerated, but there was nothing special.

– How did you manage these conditions become on the right path in life?

In study I it was not easy and I grew myself scored in the head that Boxing is the only thing that I can break through to people. I clung to the box with his teeth. There were problems with the judging, because many have been sued in the battles and did not win. And it was especially hard when walking with a heavy bag to practice and understand how to plow, and peers played football, and hanging out with the girls. Spend a challenging workout for 2-3 hours, and the hall was very hot. Ten pots were drained, and when he returned from training, there was nothing like. The main thing to relive those moments, and then easier.

– What do you personally and other boxers is bias?

I have no prejudices. I don’t believe it. It’s all psychologically. Why to invent something to cheat? Before the fight I can pray and cross your fingers – that’s all. I don’t think some one pull the sock higher, others generally do not wash socks, but this is ridiculous.

– Did not think in the near future to change weight class?

– Yet never thought about it. My dream is to become the absolute world champion in this weight, and after view. So far, the weight I was “not running out”, and the contract regarding this items no. If the weight will rise and I will feel that its hard to drive, of course, go into a different category. Now all suits me, and I make the weight easily.

In the last week before the fight with Marin, I trained a couple of times, had a rest and gained strength. With Sanchez this approach is that if the weight’s okay and you’re well prepared, then in the last week before the fight you can enjoy in sparring not stand, cross not much pressure, except a bit of shadow Boxing.

– What is your most favorite and least favorite exercise in training?

– Most of all I love to spar. A specific exercises that is not love, no. Not like when you get severely exhausted after sparring and the coach is something for you comes up, forces something to finish. No matter what it is – to jump rope, to do something with dumbbells, to beat a pear.

– There is an opinion that you give “bags”. What about it will tell?

– Maybe I give a little more light fighters than anyone would like. But as “bags”? My opponents have 20-30 fights. It is the boxers who can go out and normal to strike. “Bags” are people whose hands are nowhere, and they can’t hit. These people are just a little below my level. Are people think so, and that they wanted me in the first battle put the world champion? The same is not done. All the time. I’m still a young guy. Sanchez tries to hold me anymore, because he sees that could further unfold. If you have seen that is my limit, then would give a strong opponent and thrown under the tank. They are professionals – that’s their business. Basically saying people who are not doing Boxing.

Comments read?

– Even before fighting try not to read. Lately, when I begin to think that I’m kind of cool, the boxer, train in USA, star, etc., then immediately go to the site and read about yourself comments. After this self-assessment immediately drops, and I become again a simple guy (laughs). Once watched on YouTube his fight with Cuban, Sotolongo and decided to read the comments. Most of all I “killed” the review “mahach two drunks” (laughs). For me it was not insulting, but very funny.

– You had 15 fights in profiling, but while you are on the 93 place in the ranking. Have you discussed any plans with regards to your promotion with the promoters?

– The ranking is not updated. After the upgrade is somewhere at 70 to rise, but the rating of it is. Could be the fight-second and it would be possible to get into the top ten – it depends on how I lead and what opponents give. I spoke with the promoters, and we had agreed to in the fall to arrange a fight with someone from the top 20 or top 30. Next year will be much better.

I can with someone “roll up” a fight that will think whom to give the victory to him – or me. But “roll” fight or properly hold and win to no one “find fault” is a completely different thing. Sanchez wants me to come out 100% prepared and won without question. Because of this, he tries to give me experienced and older opponents.

The penultimate fight I had with Mexican Freddy Hernandez. They have it here was a star, sparred with Angulo and Lara. And with Lara the entire distance held and gave a good fight. So the fight with him was for me a good experience. Not to say that Fernando Marin “bag” he punches kept that I have for him began to worry, and even waved good. You box as you allows you to fight the opponent. Nobody thinks that maybe it’s just I’m well prepared. I wonder what people will say when I begin to knock out the first numbers in the weight. I think that will come up, if they are old or in bad shape. That’s when I beat the Olympic champion, saying that I was lucky.

– Your opinion about the fight Luke Campbell and Vasyl Lomachenko.

– What do you think? I now do not see who can beat Lomachenko. Of course, this is Boxing and anyone can hit. That’s how it was in the battle Lomachenko with Linares when he normally missed and he believed. But someone gave a specific battle or perepechenova it, such that I can see. Just someone who can wave and go, but Basil is hard to get because he has a very good protection, it is agile and works well in the attack.