“I couldn’t stand up”: Anna Sedokova told about a nervous breakdown during isolation

«Я не могла встать»: Анна Седокова рассказала о нервном срыве во время самоизоляции

Psychologists around the world say that prolonged isolation is a big challenge to the human psyche. The stars are the same people who are also hard to cope with the changed way of life. So, Anna Sedokova told about a nervous breakdown she just had.

In his page in Instagram the 37-year-old singer said that she had a real crisis. She called this time “a nightmare” when she didn’t want anything, even just to stand up.

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I sobo? very proud! The last days were just a nightmare, I couldn’t get out. Ideas ended, the significance of their own fell, exhausted. I spent three hours walking around the room, tried to paint, that was a disaster. Photographed the dog took off at stories like Mary Monogarova cat. Turned yet? worse. I didn’t do anything. Performance on the zero.? New model @lastory_store lying on the chair, tissue box, and I was out. On the VC fest singing artists, and I was sitting in pajama pants with Mickey mouse and was drinking a bottle of white wine. I honestly tried to get up, I even took my pants off. But no. Two months at four? the wall is PI***TS. And then there? responsibility silnoi? women before svoei? family?, komandoi? and society! I don’t understand how the neck? out of the room…Che there to conquer the Empire?? I honestly tried. Signed up for 5 new trainings. Downloaded 16 new books on business. Filled plan? R, looked page girls who inspire me. Have Paravel?.? But started new? day. I stood up, took ledianoi? shower. 10 and repaid part of the mortgage ahead of schedule. I made a program that considers my expenses. I refused not needed. Learned not to treat myself as zheleznoi? woman. I allowed myself to be slaboi?. I study the investment strategy, realized that the mortgage in 20 years is not an option. And what you need to change it all. Held 1001 talks and 2 hour meeting with his strong girls from @lastory_store and set new goals. Complain?, tomorrow I’m going to move ahead.? D.? I just want to say that sometimes crappy days happen. They just need to survive ) Not kazhdyi? day holiday, and not each? the guy is Superman.) And that’s fine. Shit happens. And it’s fine? And the only thing I know for sure is that I’m never in the summer Taco? puhlenkie?, like in this photo?I finally know how to lose weight. Ask me how? P. S. E? zhik never came out?

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“The last days were just a nightmare, I couldn’t get out. Ideas ended, the significance of their own fell, no strength”, – said Sedokova.

The former soloist of the group VIA Gra said to spend two months in four walls – it’s hard, especially when you’re responsible for your family and team.

But the next day, Anna decided to pull myself together and move forward despite all the difficulties.

“Not every day is a holiday, and not every guy is Superman. And that’s fine,” added the actress.