“I cried for two days” – Tatyana Vasileva has told about the trick Stanislav Sadalsky

«Я проплакала два дня»: Татьяна Васильева рассказала о выходке Станислава Садальского

Performances with the participation of Stanislav Sadalsky and Tatiana Vasilyeva collecting notices. However, this cooperation was successful, spent a lot of energy and nerves. In the “go public” Vasilyev told about the complex relationships with Sadalsky.

It is known that artists often clashed. But in the broadcast of Tatiana admitted that they are already accustomed to the quirks of Stanislav Sadalsky, and even told about some of them. According to her, it costs nothing on a family holiday to proclaim the toast: “I think mom will die”, and then drink the whole bottle in her health.

However, in the beginning of cooperation Vasiliev perceived the antics Sadalsky very painful. For example, he once sent a photo of the actress with a bottle and a distorted face in the media, writing: “She has help”. After this incident, Tatiana was ready to abandon the role in the play, where he was to play with Sadalsky.

“Two days I cried for him, wanted to leave the show. And I was asked to announce this decision to the rest of the actors. Burning peat bogs, was a terrible heat, the rehearsal went under the iron roof. And here I come, and Stas all sweaty, wipes with a towel. And when I was about to abandon the role, he took a soft toy, there was a dog or a cat, clicked on it and sang: “no One loves you like I do nobody kissing like I do”. I realized what a fool I am, and left”, – shared memories Vasiliev.

The actress admitted that the character Sadalsky very difficult, but she cherishes her friendship with him. Now they work comfortably together.

“We came together very well, very few people survive the rehearsal with him, although not terrible they are, and what happens after. Here we have to run, otherwise, Stas will criticize, I will say that everything is bad. But I went to his school and grateful”.

«Я проплакала два дня»: Татьяна Васильева рассказала о выходке Станислава Садальского