I don’t care what anybody says: Yarmolenko was suddenly answered the call to speak Ukrainian – 24 Channel

Мені байдуже, хто що говорить: Ярмоленко несподівано відповів на заклик говорити українською - 24 Канал

The player of national team of Ukraine Andriy Yarmolenko explained his position on what the language considers it necessary to communicate with journalists.

On 16 October, the Ukrainian team won the match of the League of Nations against the Czech Republic in Kharkov and secured first place in the group.

Ukraine midfielder Andriy Yarmolenko after the game spoke to reporters, but not without a sharp issues.

Asked to respond to the call of one of the journalists to give an interview on Ukrainian Yarmolenko suddenly said in two languages.

Look, everyone needs to speak the language in which he wants to talk
started with a Russian player.

“I can chat with you in Ukrainian, Russian. The main thing for me is not it, but something in the heart. It is important that each loved his country in heart, and did not say certain things on camera. I love Ukraine with all your heart, and I don’t care what anybody says about me and about what language I speak,” continued Yarmolenko Ukrainian.

Yarmolenko after the match Ukraine vs Czech Republic: watch the video

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