I don’t need – ex-MP Kononenko denied his detention

Я никому не нужен, – экс-нардеп Кононенко опроверг свое задержание

Former MP Igor Kononenko has denied the information about his alleged “temporary detention” at the Kiev airport “Borispol”. Politician is in Turkish Istanbul and plans to fly to China for the world championship tennis.

Journalist Sergey Leshchenko on the evening of October 17 said that Kononenko was apparently not released from “Borispol” at the request of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine. The reason investigators wanted to find out the current status of the former MP as his name is mentioned in the context of various criminal proceedings.

He Kononenko later denied his detention. According to a former MP, he is in Istanbul and is heading to the Chinese city of Chengdu for the world Cup of tennis, writes LIGA.net. This tournament involved the pupil of his tennis Academy Daria Snigur.

Nobody was arrested, nobody wants me. So on the 28th I want to sign a cooperation agreement with the Federation of tennis in China,
– said Kononenko.

The ex-MP on his Facebook page, added that it was a surprise message Leshchenko on “ban him to leave Ukraine”.

What is known about Kononenko?
Igor Kononenko is one of the most notorious supporters of the fifth President Petro Poroshenko, his right-hand man and co-owner of the business. Former MP considered the most informed about the decisions of the previous guarantor of the BPP. In the Ukrainian media published a number of investigations in which Kononenko has been named one of the most influential people in the state, which is quickly gaining political and financial weight.

Kononenko and suspected large-scale fraud in energy sector. Journalists of the program “Schemes: corruption in detail,” published records of telephone conversations involving Kononenko and the Surkis brothers. In these recordings, the participants discussed a scheme to bring hundreds of million UAH from the state power companies.

In August of NABOO opened criminal proceedings on the fact of declaring false information Igor Kononenko.