I don’t play weak women, candid interview with Olga Sumy

Я не играю слабых женщин, – откровенное интервью с Ольгой Сумской

People’s artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya has long won the love and affection of Ukrainians. Each of her new role reveals acting talent. However, what hides behind the mask on stage? A happy wife, a young grandmother and a strong woman – Olga Sumskaya said in an exclusive interview with LifeStyle last 24 interesting details of his personal and creative life.

Biography of Olga Sumy extremely bright leading roles on the stage, crazy love with Vitaliy Borisyuk, fans and “haters”. But the celebrity without any fear passes all obstacles and every year affects new developments.

In an exclusive interview to Lifestyle 24 Sumi admitted that he often plays on the stage of strong women.

“I don’t play weak women. Often this strong-willed… who manages the situation, sort of a Marshal in a skirt,” – jokingly adds Sumi.

In addition, the actress told the details of the relationship with your husband, the attitude towards negative reviews, the secrets to care for themselves and many other interesting places. This and other things, read on.

Are there any quarrels with her husband?

Olga admitted that relations with her husband Vitaly Borisyuk quarrels can not be avoided, as in any family, but it only hardens and ignites new feeling.

Of course, we also fight. It is very bright. Without friction and no explosions in the family is impossible. However, it hardens and ignites new feeling. The main thing is not to cross the line, it is possible in these disputes to go very far. I picked up a little to hold back before he could throw out emotionally: do not hold back and to say the wrong thing. Today I think: “Let talk, I’ll listen.” You can count to ten, subconsciously, to sing or poem to read – so I digress. It’s me mum taught, which was, “He yells, and you, daughter, sing”,
– Olga Sumskaya.

How often spend time with Vitali?

Olga: “We are constantly together. But I think that if I go somewhere on tour – it’s cool and normal for spouses because it is impossible to be side by side, eye to eye. Men should be interchange with other people, their own territory. Vitaly she has a Studio where he writes music, arranges. Also he has his own solo programme and it is perfect. It is his passion which he loves,” says the celebrity.

Vitaly is a good man, father and he’s very easy – he knows how to find common language with all close relatives and friends. My mom’s husband calls the “Golden mother”,
– Sumi about her husband.

In addition, the actress added that never in life it would not tolerate any male in the relationship who may abuse alcohol, drugs, go to casinos and the like.

How to care for themselves?

Olga: “I used to make homemade masks from something natural, if you do not have enough time to go to the beautician. For this I have a whole Arsenal in the refrigerator, as well as a lot of brand of masks and this is perfect, if there is a professional to take care of themselves”.

The disrespect and laziness of women often come out sideways, and then the woman may worry that “something is wrong”. The need to spend money and care for themselves,
– said the star.

Beauty shots

The actress admitted that never resorted to radical surgery, only did “beauty injections”.

Olga: “If possible, you can contact the beauty shots. However, I wish that young girls start to resort to such serious money at a young age. For example, I became interested in this after 50 years. I will add that a sense of proportion should not change and we need to be very careful.”

Sumi recommend that you find a good specialist by using “word of mouth”.

Olga: “you Should consult with your girlfriends and look closely at the woman who was doing this to myself. Never do any injections at home. To do this, refer to qualified personnel only the recommended a good clinic.”

Moreover, the star noted that “genes actually work,” and grateful to my parents for youthfulness and love of life that had passed her by inheritance. For example, the actress enjoys the fact that her father recently played the young heroes on the stage and lovers with the mother star.

Olga: “I look at mom who now in old age, and she is beautiful without any intervention. Of injections she refused, saying: “I am what my God has created”.

How often wear clothes from the Ukrainian manufacturers?

Olga: “I am constantly in them. We like a barter basis. We advertise our Ukrainian producers, and they are willing to offer their clothes. Looking for outfits under the hashtag “Buy Ukrainian”.

Olga: Sumi was intrigued by the fact that in March a Ukrainian designer Julia Magdic is preparing for her exclusive dress. She needs to combine glamour and national styles.

Are you preparing gifts for the holidays for men?

Olga said that at the holidays it often works, but would like to meet at the family table together with the family. Admits that quite often she chooses gifts for yourself in advance, which then “takes”. Vitali, in her words, “contribute”. For example, on New year Borisyuk prepared for the Oli special gift – an exquisite perfume with a “cosmic flavour”, whose name the star is holding a secret.

Sumi is also preparing gifts for husband – are currently “men’s pleasure”. It can be a perfume or clothing. Interestingly, according to the actress, she’s never wrong sizes and flavors.

You read the comments online about yourself?

Olga: “If possible, I pochityvaya. For example, sitting on a train or minibus during the tour and read the comments, sometimes respond. There are good advice, or criticism. And sometimes it’s pretty snappy, angry and rude comments, but I don’t react to them.”

Before terribly worried, could go a couple of days with it, be offended, cry, and now you can be a horror to write. If you write – I’m interesting for people. I have a graduation – either love or fiercely hate,
– recognized Ukrainian star.

How to stay in shape?

I banal secrets: to reduce portions and not eat after 5. Also required is a Jogging track where you need to do at least an hour,
– porekomendovali Sumi.