“I don’t want a revolution”: Yulia Peresild commented on the situation in Russia

«Я не хочу революцию»: Юлия Пересильд прокомментировала ситуацию в России

Actress Julia Peresild was the guest of the new edition of the show of Irina Shikhman “And talk?”, where revealed the details of his personal life and the death of his father, and shared his thoughts about the fires in Siberia and the political situation in the country.

Speaking about the new production of Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya”, the actress suddenly raised the subject of ecology. That the playwright foretold the destruction of forests and environmental problems, Julia and her colleagues has prompted the Director of the show, the head of the Parisian theatre “Odeon” stéphane Braunschweig.

“When we met with the Director stéphane Braunschweig in April-may, we sat down and got ready to hear some fantastic idea. After all, we’ve all memorized this play know initially. And suddenly he starts talking about the environment. He long tells us that the world is dying, the planet is destroyed…what do I Think about the environment? Well, I think. But we live in Russia, so I think is not about the environment, and that if all of a sudden tomorrow will spread, as if just to have time at least to run and children to pick up, and still friends.

And suddenly we parted, and what happens is what happens (meaning the fires in Siberia – approx. ed.). It made me feel that really anything can happen here tomorrow.

Why the Czechs about it so said? From these monologues, dedicated to forests and that the world will collapse soon? If you look at the year of writing plays – very soon there was a revolution. And the world has ended – this is the world of Chekhov on this end.

Commenting on the meetings in Moscow, Yulia admitted she is afraid of the civil war: “I am very afraid, honestly, I’m even afraid to think about it. We are all aware that it is impossible to be indifferent. Not even being in Moscow, it is impossible not to notice what is happening. I understand that the revolution is always something new. I don’t want a revolution. It seems to me that the worst thing that can happen is a civil war. Because when there is an external enemy – there is unity. It’s the adrenaline. I even understand why young ran to the front. Because there was such a problem – and you are at this moment become part of the collective soul. And it’s cool as. I think many have not even thought about the fact that they will die, never thought about death. It is euphoria. But the civil war…Probably also some kind of euphoria, but I do not understand it, I find it very scary. Because there is no certainty that the son will kill his father, and the daughter does not pass her mother. To me, it just brings some wild terror.”

However, in a direct and simple question about the willingness to go to meetings, Julia was unable to answer with the same clarity, because all the time distracted, trying to sit on two chairs: “I’d probably just meeting agreed going. I agree with everything that is happening now, because, of course, we have the right to Express what we think. Well, at least some freedom we have a right to have? But I am afraid that in this company of talented and aggressive-minded people will be people, who come with weapons. You can’t deny that there are a huge number of people who just want kipesh? In this country, Bloody Sunday can occur at any time. Now all children come with backpacks. And we only need one person, who foolishly will come with something bigger than a backpack at this moment and will happen Bloody Sunday. I is a kind of animal fear.”

Peresild also shared his thoughts on the victory Zelensky in the presidential election in Ukraine: “Maybe I’m stupid everyday person, but I really want to this year autumn, they are not as freezing as in the past. To have the heating was better. We talk on the phone, chatting with some friends.I don’t want their children to sleep, wrapped in three blankets. What can I say about Zelensky? I don’t know him. Let’s see what he will do. I just sincerely wish them some peace.”

«Я не хочу революцию»: Юлия Пересильд прокомментировала ситуацию в России

«Я не хочу революцию»: Юлия Пересильд прокомментировала ситуацию в России