“I don’t want no world”. The wife of the deceased in an accident with Ephraim, the van driver wants the actor went to jail

Irina sterkhova, the widow of a resident of Ryazan Sergey Zakharov, who was killed in an accident involving actor Mikhail Yefremov, came to the Studio show “Let them talk” on the Russian First channel. She told me how I heard about the accident, and stated that he does not want the world with the artist.

Show with the participation of women was aired on 9 June.

The host asked Irina Mikhailovna, what punishment she would like for Ephraim.

“I don’t want no world. Don’t want to. Let sit. And I wish it wasn’t a smaller strap, and large. Because rightly said: ‘ll still find the benefits, you will find excuses. At least twelve half really let him sit,” – said the widow of Sergei.

Grief-stricken, the woman admitted that she is still waiting for her husband to come home and not believe in his death, although she worked in intensive care and when he learned about the nature of the injuries to Sergei, I realized that the situation is critical.

Meanwhile, shipping companies, where the victim worked, said that his wife and other relatives of their employee don’t want to be helped financially. However, social networks did have a Bank card Irene and users write that will pay the family money. People believe that this money will help the relatives of Sergey to remain steadfast and not to make a deal with the party of the culprit.