I dropped the team off on a good note, the European Champions, who have won all, – Dmitry Sosnovskiy

Я оставил команду на хорошей ноте, чемпионов Европы, которые победили всех, – Дмитрий Сосновский

Dmitriy Sosnovskiy is not just the former coach of Ukraine in Boxing. It’s a whole era of Amateur Boxing. Achievements that established his team will not soon be able to surpass. In the first part of an interview with Dmitry Sosnovsky told about his childhood, how come in Boxing, other sports, dealt with his family, leaving his post as coach of the national team of Ukraine, Hobbies and attitude to fame.

April 11, Dmitry Dmitrievich celebrates his 61st birthday, for the first time in a long time effortlessly. We met with the ex-coach of the national team in the restaurant in Sykhiv (Lviv district). 4 hours of socializing, everyone who passed by, said Hello to him, they always asked where asked. Here Dmitry is not just a star but a man who is willing to advise and help.

– You were born in Norilsk…
– We had a one bedroom apartment-renovated. We were at the settlement. Went out of the state of father’s health – he suffered a first heart attack and we agreed to release. I was born in 1958, and in ‘ 61, left there. So from this period I remember nothing. Moved to Uman in Cherkasy region, to the father’s family. Began there to build the house. When I was in fourth grade, the family split up – the father found another woman. So mom took me and we moved to Lviv. The elder brother was already studying in Kiev at the railway school.

When my mother came from Uman in the Water (village near Lviv – approx. ed.) even with nowhere to live. We rented a house, the familiar is allowed to live in the house. There was no floor, only mud. This house is still there, I sometimes bring grandchildren and tell. Sometimes I walk into a Museum, look at the best coach in the world and think: “Where is the house where the position of coach and this award”.

– As a child of the repressed affect You?

In my life played a major role mother. When I was a kid, she didn’t tell me anything. I didn’t understand why. Had no idea who the Bandera. We came here, and she’s a vicious circle: to go to work, had a permit, and when I went to get it, asked where he works. We walked from the village Council in Zvenigorod in the Water for 6 kilometers on foot. There was the Chairman, who in ‘ 91 first donned a badge with the flag of Ukraine. He refused to attribute and shouted at her: “You banderovka”. She went back and cried. When asked who the Bandera, she said I do not need to know. I also cried with her. And one day we stopped the Car. It was my wife’s father. The then Chairman of the kolkhoz. He greatly helped us. Very kind and humane was man, he of Sumy. He asked why cry. Mom told me. Said, “Come tomorrow to school.” His wife (my mother) was the Director of the school. Mom came and they took it as a cleaner. And even then, we attributed.

While all that I had no father, and I grew up on the street, no pressure or problems. I studied in a boarding school, and there were all one family. Never back not include. And even if you were older, you still fought and defended his position.

Have not experienced humiliation. Only brother… He wanted to go to military school. But even on a legal he did not accept the documents, seeing the place of birth. Among children no ridicule was not. There were many, so it was fine with me. And my brother told me about their problems, and I’m not repeating his mistakes. He then became a railroad man, and the head was.

– Who brought in a box?
– My older brother used to box. When he came to mom, took me to Boxing. How’s my friend (points to next table – approx. ed.) NN, two years younger, we started together.

Mom just said he wanted to have higher education and I studied. She embraced my desire to join the army. Of course, like all mothers, wanted me to have a prestigious profession. When I started Boxing, I was happy when was the first victory that brought the cups. And when he won the all-Union competitions, then the Newspapers wrote. We lived on the outskirts of the village, next to the pasture, and the cups went and showed her son. It is very happy.

– Why didn’t you continue after that?
– In 21 years have fulfilled the master of sports. For me, in that situation it was important to gain the title of master of sports of the USSR. This crust is still there. At that level it was a very high point in their career. Can continue to do. But there were family circumstances. I am in the 79th year of married, 80-m son was born and I became a master of sport and began working as a coach. It all happened very quickly, within one year. The wife was still a student and I had to provide for his family. So I went to work in a rural school. Then, if you work in a rural school, the army did not take. So I had her pull, not to leave his wife and child alone. Sports career is over, but immediately began coaching. My students progressed very well, had good results, and it sucked. You can even to 28 years to box. But I managed to coach and senior coaches began to trust me, sent for fees, trusted team.

The additional motivation was due to the fact that growing up without a dad?
– Without a father is very difficult to grow. I’m in this situation a lot have a good cry at night in my pillow. For the kid needs a father. We must first put the family, and can’t do in relation to his wife. We were all young and beautiful. Arrive in Donetsk or Tatarstan – around many beautiful women. But I understood that I have a wife who is left with our children. Always arguing and fighting with friends and acquaintances that we went somewhere and said I found better. They said, “I fell in love.” You fell in love with a woman with children to do. Family, wife, children – this is important. I missed my dad. For someone father could stand up, to hold, to walk. I didn’t feel it. My children never hit. To yell he could, to scold, to talk seriously, but not to beat. Mom always considered to be taller than his father, but the father also needed. Always sons said that the mother should be in the first place.

– Other sports doing?
– I was doing the decathlon. But not for long because it was difficult and not drawn physically. 10 kinds is too much. Another tried judo. Went to “the vanguard” in the Striysky Park. This sport I like it intense. We didn’t have a kimono. Girls in a boarding school, we sewed, we came in and after the first session, they were torn. The coach scolded us, we ran away because it was a shame and never returned. There is nowhere to buy was not for that.

– Tell me about your wife
– She’s a year older than me. This year will be 40 years we’ve been together. This is my first love. Now always saying I love her more and more. After school our paths diverged a bit, because she was at College, and I’m in school for physical culture. Saw and talked sometimes, when the bus drove into the village. After some time, met in Lviv, started Dating and then got married

I am very grateful. Now she sometimes asks about the box, asks such professional questions. She could be a good musician. But when the son arrived, she gave up my career and gave priority to me. Constantly supported and understood. If she didn’t, it would be very difficult. Sometimes wives say: “it’s the job or me.” She didn’t say and we have to avoid serious conflicts. Of course, there were difficult moments, but they always passed. All my achievements – our.

He wanted sons to go in Boxing?
Senior Boxing and music in parallel. Played and plays the flute. When he began to demonstrate their abilities in music, the teacher said that it is necessary to determine, for Boxing and flute – incompatible. I told him to make a decision. He awkwardly had to say no to dad in the box, but chose the flute. He’s a good musician and orchestra Director.

The younger son, I was not pulled into the hall. He was playing the drums, could be a great musician. I came from training camp, and he’s already in the hall does. Now coached. I advised him to go to train. Explained that it will be constantly compared to me, and it will be difficult. But he went and has his successes. It is well coached, has already the winners of European Championships, Ukraine. Although it is still a relatively long time running coach, but already shows good results. Not interfere in the work, just maintain and are able to advise something. He had the opportunity to work for an international organization on environmental issues, but chose Boxing.

– You have sacrificed family for the sake of coaching?
– If to speak about sacrifice, it’s hard. At 21, when you make a choice, I don’t think you’re sacrificing family or something. Just work hard and try to achieve results. This sacrifice is understood over time. So now you can analyze what you have sacrificed family, time with the kids. So it’s not so much the time of sacrifice and reflection that could be done.

The boilermakers had an injury. It was put in the hospital in Kiev. He has no one who would come and help. I could be home with my family. But go, settle on the sofa in the office of the Federation. Kiev help, prepare to eat. The month I was in Kiev, and his wife and youngest son made the dumplings, cooking the soup – was brought to us. It’s not a sacrifice – it’s my work and a good attitude to people.

Я оставил команду на хорошей ноте, чемпионов Европы, которые победили всех, – Дмитрий Сосновский

Coach Pyotr Vasilyuk is your teacher?
– He is an outstanding coach. Gave the whole group of good athletes Zaulichnyi, Pavelets, Sosnivka. I would have never worked to be the best coach in the Wasiluk. I don’t think I am better than him. Just doing my job. He put a lot of effort, time and soul into their students. All played a lot in my education. The older generation gave me much. He was also coach of the national team and brought the gold with Klitschko. He was my guide. Know that I have no right to do worse than he is. Or the same or better.

Now there is a lot of free time. Spend it with the grandkids?
– 14 years of life was with the national team, and there is the rhythm of life, lived according to plan. And the houses are all a little different. Coach long working hours, have to deal not only coaching, but at home no such.

Lvov, the Lvov leadership accepted the fact that I walked away from the team positively. At home, of course, there was more time. I have a big family: two sons and five grandchildren. Four children of the eldest son, and the youngest seven months ago a baby boy was born. There are many family concerns. Except for Boxing, I did nothing, so a little unusual.

April 11 I – 61, of which 40 years I gave to Boxing. Studied in a boarding school in Lviv, and in the 70-ies I started Boxing. In 1975 he entered Lviv Institute of physical culture. There is no such that I had some kind of business or something other than earning a living. All the time, I paid only Boxing. It was such that after graduation I was sent to the countryside. Then generally it was difficult to find in Lviv coaching. Lviv Institute of physical culture was one of the best in the USSR, produced a lot of coaches, and all find it difficult to provide. And Boxing in Lviv was always progressive, advanced, so it was difficult. Since then I have lived a life coaching fees, competition fees, competition, so the family was given less attention. Here the sons grew up.

– What do your grandchildren? Someone went to the sport?
– Yes, Dmitry, who is eight years old, plays football, recently he had a tournament. Studies in children’s and youth sports school. The eldest, Andrew, is fond of music, does well in school, goes to Boxing, but engaged them for yourself. I have always said that I would not mind if my children or grandchildren were involved in professional Boxing or any other sport. If they were such as Andriy Kotelnik. In other cases, I wouldn’t want that. Don’t want my name they were awarded the victory. If they have the ability to do so and the desire I have for, if not against.

Now Andriy Kotelnik also develops sports, Roman Juman – this is my students. Andrew opened his school, opened a Boxing Academy. On the “South” has built a nice gym, with Pisarchuk, he supported it. Now he’s doing the reconstruction in his native hall “Hetman”. Recruited young coaches, a lot of my students.

– You have two native son, but Andriy Kotelnik told you he to some extent replaced the father.
– Yes, we have and further develop such a good relationship. Of course, maybe we communicate less because he has his own family now with a wife. But he’s a unique person and humanity, and their sports achievements. I had a few students like Andrew. In fact, students, they’re like children.

Our Soviet training system is fundamentally different from the West. The West coaches work like this: they really work, they can say, the contract system: you, as an athlete, to perform your duties, and I like a coach – their own, that is to spend quality training. We have the same coaches were brought up differently because we have at some point the coach becomes a dad and mom and the doctor, organizer, and Manager. It is now we are a little disconnected, and already adopt global practice. But yet, we still difficult to switch. Although we go to the level of European countries, but so far they are still far away.

Now sharply want to keep the sport from the state. And in this case it will be difficult, because you have to develop their own clubs, to develop the system. And to make in such a situation is very difficult. Here my son has the older four children: the music get – pay sports pay, in school tutor – pay, pay the rent and feed another family. That is, in such conditions it is difficult to live. If we average the standard of living was higher, it would be better. So Kotelnik for me, as the third son, I am happy that God gave me such a pupil.

Я оставил команду на хорошей ноте, чемпионов Европы, которые победили всех, – Дмитрий Сосновский

– Special relationship with her granddaughter survived?
– She’s growing up. Yesterday played academic concert. I have all the kids in the family, four grandchildren, and only one girl. When she grew up, and we started talking, I realized that the girl is quite different. My eldest grandson, when I came from the training camps, will see me when in the yard playing football, shout “grandpa, Hello” and all. And the granddaughter will come to say that loves me, a hug. With her it’s different.

– What Your sister-in-law?
The second daughter-in-law – master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. She, along with Vitali studied at the Institute. The first ballerina, met with his son on tour.

– Ready to train?
When I got back to the city, then began inviting me to work as a teacher. Understand that it will be good to use my experience, my name. A good coach is also necessary to educate. I would like to see a good coach was Roman Juman to a good coach was my son and all those whom I once coached. Today, recruit new users and bring them to the level of Kotelnik, joumana or Moustache don’t want to. I have changed my priorities.

Before, when I came home and knew that I two weeks have to go, I have three days before departure, had Packed bag and I was ready to go. Over time, the flights, trips, life in hotels, restaurant food tired. I grew up two sons, and I really haven’t seen. And then the grandchildren began to grow. First, you always work for your goal, and you lose some. Just trying to catch up.

– Experienced, when he left the post of coach of the national team?
– Of course, I was worried when I had to part with the team. But then there’s that rethinking, and come to what is necessary to get rid of this. Here the priest in the Church, when the sermon, he said: “We must thank God a thousand times for what He gave us, and two or three thousand because He did not give us”. And then I began to realize that if God me from something takes, you can do it should be. I may have had a hard time doing all the moving. For me now the pressure’s off. I dropped the team off on a good note – the Champions of Europe. We beat everyone.

By the way, the exact beats Wladimir Klitschko – one of the highest in the history of Boxing

– State Secretary of the Ministry Oleg Nemchinov, from the city. If he’s talking to You about retirement?
He removed all the problems. A statement just came to him. He has not gained me personally, and Alexander Pavella. He was completely on my side. I asked Sasha to speak with Oleg, that all was well. I myself wrote a statement. If I started to fight for the position, it would be bad for the boxers. In January already started collecting the team, for something to make noise and to do litigation? I made the decision of the President. The only thing I have not explained something. It is said that to rejuvenate the team. But there were all the same coaches that were with me. The senior trainer is also not much younger than me. If set to Sergey Danilchenko or any young, I understand. This new vision. But there is nothing terrible, he made this decision. I have no hard feelings are kept.

Then view the presentations and will be responsible for the result. I have in this situation is a win-win. I left a good team. If they don’t win, everybody will say – Dmitry Dmitrievich, and they left a good team, and nothing they could do. If you win, you too will say “Yes, they left Sosnovskiy good team.”

Together with journalist Svyatoslav Osipov You released the book “In the team Dmitry Sosnovskiy”…
– I have only one more not yet printed. This is again the idea of Donatas Piskun (Executive Director of Federation of Boxing of Ukraine – approx. ed.). I really wish it was an enlightening book, not a biography. To when it’s read by kids and future coaches, we were able to take something for yourself. Talked to Osipov and made it.

– You were the speaker of the forum Disrupt Hr. As You a new experience?
– I was approached by Donatas Piskun and invited to speak. When I was contacted by the girl who organized the forum, I didn’t realize that I could tell. When she explained everything, I was curious to speak. They wanted to know about creating a team where Antennae and Lomachenko. I played the ninth, there were many young people who were interested in new knowledge.

Donatas I was campaigning that we present to the box, promote it. Understand that I’m a public person, therefore, needs to act. Often making fun of the boxers are unable to Express an opinion. So I wanted to show that in Boxing people with intelligence. I find it easier to chat in an informal setting, I dispersed the thought. And there your format, little time, permanently you need to quickly say, there is a flow in flow. Young maybe it’s good, but it’s difficult. So a bit tired of it.

When I left the team, Donatas I not only was offered the chair of the coaching Board (I refused) but was offered to work in this format, to make what I will earn. Also refused, because I’m too difficult. And it is necessary again to go to Kiev, to separately prepare seminars and presentations. For this performance I was not prepared, because I’m sick. Thought that I would not speak. Me patient brought there, pinned a microphone and sent to the scene. It’s easier for me to give a lecture. I don’t like being driven into the frame.

– Your hobby is “quiet hunting”?
– Loved to gather mushrooms. But then it I have lost. I am glad that maybe this year will be back, my oldest son and grandchildren love to gather mushrooms. Can me tightened.

– When was the last time I was in the theater?
– I have the opportunity, because the son plays the wife goes. Last time was a few years ago at a meeting with Bogdan Benyuk. Didn’t even know how many movies he played. Now a bit hard to go somewhere because my mother-in-law is seriously ill and his wife is constantly by her side. Namely, the wife is the generator going to the theater or the Philharmonic. However, classical music is difficult to listen to. Some moments I like, but sometimes I look at the clock when finished. Very good impression from the concert of Nina Matvienko.

– Fame – this is your cross or a result?
– I think both. My mother was a believer, so I am baptized, I am Greek-Catholic. In some time I have been turning to the Lord God and in the Church. I think that the cross each person has, and those people who think that they themselves have done, I even was the disciples who said so, not right. In such cases said yourself you couldn’t do, but at least I helped you and he agree.

Secondly, each one of us God cares and guides us through this world. And therefore, this cross from the Lord God. I do not understand this: running some lady with a microphone and shouts: “stars” and “star life.” And I look at those people and can’t understand what they are stars and what they have stellar life. Because they are people just like everyone else. The word “glory”, I’m negative. What do you mean “star”? Look, we can assess a person: well she’s doing her job or bad. Can take, for example, journalists. If he’s good at his job, he is a good journalist and not a star. The stars in the sky Shine. In sport we assess the result of the work: if we give a result – so we are good, but not stellar. We just did his job and that was it. We are all the same. As it is written in Scripture: “naked came We into this world, and naked from this world will leave.” For me the Supreme value of moral satisfaction from the results of their work.

I often have vascular problems and I go to the hospital to pokapatsya. I have a friend close – good doctor in the clinic. And I went, walked in the room and people start talking, and you coach Usyk, Lomachenko, etc. We talked, and one uncle stand up and say: “Look, dear, how are you even here among us?” I said, “where I sleep?” “But people like you, somewhere in the Theophany should be treated”. Tell them: “No, I’m the opposite, nice, I like you”. I absolutely calmly refer to his person as public.

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