“I heard a long scream”: in the Odessa region mysteriously went missing 11-year-old girl

''Слышали долгий крик'': на Одесчине загадочно пропала 11-летняя девочка

In the Odessa region, 11-year-old Dasha Lukyanenko can’t find already the fourth day.

She disappeared in broad daylight in his native village of Ivanovka.

At nine in the evening, the parents called the police. Law enforcement officers raised the alarm. The girl around the clock looking for five hundred people: the police, the national guard, dog handlers, rescuers, volunteers, divers and pilots. The search continues, the atmosphere in the village all the more depressing. People are very tired of the uncertainty and the heat, but still no one hand down.

Almost without rest volunteers work in the scorching sun. In the village turned search team of the public organization “the Best people of Odessa.” They have experience in tracing people, especially children. Today it is known that near the Bazaar it was last recorded by the surveillance camera. The girl was the shortest road – on an ordinary village street. Distance – a maximum of a kilometer.

At nine in the evening, when concerned parents began calling the baby, her phone was already off. Then the parents started calling her friends. And it turned out that the girl was not. It is on the circle is not reached. The parents called the police.

Radius searches for more than 20 kilometers. The participants of the search operation got up to the four nearby settlements. But the Central point searches so far – in the village street for three hundred yards from the market. Believe that it was here Dasha and disappeared. Residents of two nearby houses about the time when she had to pass through here, heard a scream. On the same place, loses track and search dog. It all resembles some kind of instant kidnapping.

“Girls say they have gone to the old garden, turned around, and she’s gone, although it was back. That is, it ceased to see in this period”, – told in the place of the search.

“It was a hysterical cry that it was impossible to ignore. Shout only in some situations, it is a cry of fear,” – says a resident of Ivanovka Valentine Radical.

Grandfather Anatoly heard a scream. Says he thought that the child was attacked by stray dogs. Rushed to help. But when he ran into the street, it was empty and quiet.

“I reach the road, no one. Well I already stopped, and began carefully to watch the bushes, I checked out the abandoned house opposite. In this house none of the Bush is not damaged. The cry was continuous, for a moment,” – says Anatoly.

The villagers and the school about the child and her family speak only good. Daria is a very positive kid, good student, class monitor.

Signs Dasha: looking for a girl 11-13 years, height 140 cm, thin, with brown hair and brown eyes. Dressed in a white t-shirt with a picture of a pink Flamingo, light pink shorts, black sandals, you should have a handbag with multicolored sequins. Police, though, and used a huge force, searching not comment.

''Слышали долгий крик'': на Одесчине загадочно пропала 11-летняя девочка

''Слышали долгий крик'': на Одесчине загадочно пропала 11-летняя девочка