I love my husband like a beaten dog: Lena Miro criticized wife of Pavel Mamaev

Interest in the beautiful wife of a footballer has increased dramatically after his fight, and either Alan Mamayev is now trying to regain its former popularity due to the problems of the husband, or intends to correct his reputation of creating the image of a good and true rear for “beloved”, with which eve was going to get a divorce.

Я люблю своего мужа, как битая собака: Лена Миро раскритиковала жену Павла Мамаева

Shortly before the players Pavel Mamaev and Kokorin beat the driver of the presenter of the First channel Olga Ushakova near the cafe Coffeemania, causing him traumatic brain injury and broke his nose, after which Sinopoli beat officer Dennis Pack, model Alana Mamayev said he wants to divorce her husband. However, after all the hoopla of athletes and the start of the investigation Alan abruptly changed its position and now my Instagram says proudly about his high feelings to a spouse: “I love my husband, and I don’t care what you think about it! Leave your comments to yourself.”

Я люблю своего мужа, как битая собака: Лена Миро раскритиковала жену Павла Мамаева

Such an unexpected turn had passed sharp tongue scandalous blogger Lena Miro, which can not understand the “good wife, or an ordinary woman-a fool?”. The blogger believes that the model is not so much loves football, how much grateful to him. As you know, the beauty of Alan does not have high intelligence, great intellect, and her behavior and way of life could not be called the mother of two children and media persons. Alan proudly admitted that he loves to learn and believes it is only a waste of your time and knowledge is meaningless. Her education ended at school, and for building a serious career, she finds herself lazy and stupid.

From childhood she was interested only in money, but rather, and because she went into a lucrative branch of show business, and grooms were selected for the size of the purse. Later in the Internet appeared the video, which girl in a drunken state asks the cocaine in exchange for the phone. She admitted they had tried illegal substances, but does not consider himself an addict because he did not use hard drugs. Even after the birth of two children she became an exemplary mother and wife: hackers broke into her phone, where she found a lot of interesting information that was the subject of blackmail. The photographs “distinguished” and her husband Pavel Mamaev, who tried to defend the honor of his wife.

Я люблю своего мужа, как битая собака: Лена Миро раскритиковала жену Павла Мамаева

Despite this, Lena Miro believes that the player does not respect Alan, and she often goes to him: “There’s not only the gifts she is given, but the cuffs, I think”. According to her, mother “pulled her out of the mud, washed it, brought a hand to people who are not ashamed of the past a very ugly girl. Such ugly that no decent man she would not have done”. Now Alan feels for a spouse a sense of gratitude, and “as broken, grateful dog loves the owner, dragged her into the house,” no more.

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