I plan to have children, is the star of “home alone” Macaulay Culkin talked about his personal life – 24 Channel

Я планую мати дітей, – зірка "Сам удома" Маколей Калкін розповів про особисте життя - 24 Канал

Hollywood actor Macaulay Culkin, who played a major role in the first movie “home alone”, shocked candid interviews. The celebrity said he was ready to have children and seeks to implement it in the near future.

The actor shared his plans in his personal life to journalists by US Magazine.

As you know, 37-year-old Macaulay Culkin Dating actress Brenda song. Star at 7 years younger than their partner, but this does not become a hindrance in building a serious plans for the future.

I’m going to have kids. This is my good idea. From her (Brenda song – ed.) I will have pretty kids. She’s Asian, so I will have beautiful babies-Asians. It will be magical: a gaggle of Show Lennon will run around the house. That’s what I’m striving for
said Macaulay Culkin.


In addition, the actor said that he has already made the first steps to creating a strong family with Brenda song. The pair soon settled on his estate and even have Pets – a cat and a dog.

“I have a good life. Little wonderful family, a beautiful girl, cute dog, cute cat and stuff. We z demosa. To stay home and rest,” admitted Macaulay Culkin.

Who is Macaulay Culkin?Hollywood actor, who had considerable popularity in the 1990s. Macaulay Culkin played in the movie “home alone” and “home alone 2” and “Uncle Buck”, “the Good son”, “will Understand only lonely”, “Jacob’s Ladder” and others. Regarding personal life, the man married actress Rachel miner in 1998. However, a couple of in 2002 and officially divorced. Subsequently, Macaulay Culkin has had a long relationship with Mila kunis, but the star decided to end their relationship. Now the celebrity strives to create a family with Brenda song.

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