I purposely did it – Melania trump commented on the resonant scandal with her outfit – 24 Channel

Я навмисно це зробила, – Меланія Трамп прокоментувала резонансний скандал з її вбранням - 24 Канал

In the US, long ago, rumor has it that the first lady often symbolically chooses clothes in public outputs. Melania trump decided to comment on a scandal that broke out over her jacket with the inscription “in Fact, I don’t care. And you?”

As you know, recently the wife of Donald trump made a big tour of Africa. During the trip, Melania trump for the first time gave an interview to ABC News journalist who accompanied her. In a conversation with a media representative, the first lady decided to speak plainly, why is she wearing a jacket with the provocative inscription, reports People.


According to her, it was not error stylists, as suggested by journalists. Melania trump deliberately wore a jacket with a scandalous inscription, when he went to meet with Mexican migrants who had been detained at a military base in Texas. Then the attire of the first lady provoked considerable conflict on the network, which affected the rating of the President of the United States.

I wore the jacket to get on a plane and go with it. The inscription was for the people and for the liberal media to show them: I really don’t. You won’t let me do what I think is right. It was a kind of message to them. I’d like to focus on what I do, on the important initiatives than on how I look
said Melania trump.

In addition, the first lady responded to a question about a possible divorce from Donald trump. According to his former adviser Omarosa Newman Mangold, Melania shows provocative clothing to get back at your husband for cheating on her. However, this statement by the representative of the White house has denied, insisting that her husband is very durable.

“Of course, it is not always pleasant, but I do know what is right and what is not, what is true and what is outright lies. We’re all good. This (statement former adviser to trump, – 24 channel) – just media speculation, gossip,” said Melania trump.

At the end of the interview, the first lady added that she knows your goals and objectives, as representative of the White house. Therefore, no controversial statements or accusations will not affect her work.

I am a mother and first lady. I have bigger things about which to think and implement. So I know have priorities
– said Melania trump.

Я навмисно це зробила, – Меланія Трамп прокоментувала резонансний скандал з її вбранням - 24 Канал

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