I really appreciate my inner freedom: Zlata ognevich about politics, Eurovision and music

Я очень ценю свою внутреннюю свободу: Злата Огневич о политике, Евровидении и музыке

Ukrainian singer Zlata ognevich 33 boasts stunning vocal career, as it easily arranges high-profile performance. How she managed to achieve incredible success, who is the main motivator in her life and does not resume political activity, or participation in the show – read an exclusive interview with LifeStyle 24.

Now the name Zlata ognevich knows almost every Ukrainian. You not only admire, and dream about creative cooperation. How you got such a huge success and often had to “fall”?

I fall and rise, but now the failure to survive is much more difficult. When you realize, what you do and what you need to do in such moments to fall harder.

I was told that I’m incompetent that I have no voice that will never succeed and it is not worth to study music. And at school, and in College it’s been said many times. Simply, there are people who want you to cut off your wings. For them the meaning of life.

I think they each meet on the way. Faith in your strength helps me to overcome it. And even when it seems that everything is very bad, you shouldn’t give up!

Recently was at the festival for children with disabilities. There was a girl who after a severe accident can’t walk and moves with the wheelchair. But now she does modeling career, she has had master classes, has an international activities. It is all up to the accident didn’t do: she lived the usual life. And now the power of the spirit turned her 360 degrees, and she does things that are not solved completely healthy people. So says Elon Musk, needs to work 40% more than others.

Now I have a lot of work on yourself, learn to get out of the comfort zone, doing something that I do not always like. For example, returning home tired, forget everything, because you need to write a song, meet musicians. Generally, it is a constant inner work on yourself. But I’ve learned to listen to my heart.

Each actor has their own special idol, which motivate for new achievements. Admire you?

First of all, this is my mother. In her life there were many difficult moments. For example, she lost the baby (her eyes my brother died). But despite all, she was sincere and smiling, gave us all the time.

Я очень ценю свою внутреннюю свободу: Злата Огневич о политике, Евровидении и музыке

Zlata ognevich with her mom / Instagram / @zlata.ognevich

I am also motivated by strong people, such as Steve jobs, or former President Abraham Lincoln. Modern – Adele, Ariana Grande, which is small, fragile, but what she does is impressive. Ukrainian singers I like Jamal, “BB”. Svyatoslav Vakarchuk – just love. I like Jiji, because he is charismatic, talented and very smart. And there’s another singer Constantine – is a bit like a hipster but he has a very interesting music.

You spent her childhood in the Crimea, in the picturesque town of Sudak. Inquire you relatives, who remained in the occupied Peninsula?

If I go to the Crimea, will not return. I-no entry to the Peninsula.

It’s about your political past? And, in fact, whether an it resume, because soon Ukraine will hold parliamentary elections?

Of course, not planning to return to politics. If I wanted – would remain in the Parliament even then.

I’m proud of what I did. Was greatly tempted to stay, knowing that I was then waiting for what before me open doors and people. But I really appreciate his inner freedom, go through his heart. I did not like. Not satisfied with the values that guide people in those positions. So I decided to resign.

I want to be a free man and change the country for the better with your creativity!

That is, you will develop only vocal career?


What great surprises do you expect your fans?

Oh, a lot (laughs). We will have a presentation on Atlas Weekand in Kiev on 8 July. It will be free, and already the number 9 will be there to give a concert of foreign artists. Then I will have an acoustic concert in the capital on July 18.

We (the team of Zlata ognevich, – LifeStyle 24) we will be preparing for a large-scale nationwide tour, because for us it is a big event. It will be a completely new program. We go with show-ballet, interesting performances and songs like from the album “the Verge”, which I got in December 2019, and with the second album, on which I still work.

You will also hear well-known songs and new and more and more tracks that I compose, pair them with notes. I would be something interesting to play, but above all, it will be a special conversation between me and the listener. Not only through music.

In addition, I’m working on a second solo album. In July will be the presentation of the track “Why didn’t you come” is a kind of Manifesto of Ukrainian women. I hope that by the end of the year will be released my new album.

The rest is not planned (laughs). Except in the mountains go for a few days to just be inspired by landscapes.

Я очень ценю свою внутреннюю свободу: Злата Огневич о политике, Евровидении и музыке

Singer Zlata ognevich / Instagram / @zlata.ognevich

I can’t imagine how much effort you spend to implement all. As time to recover your strength? Despite such a schedule, You have a workout.

The last 4 days I sleep in the car: I have scheduled concerts, traveling, shooting, training. Already in Kiev we are getting ready for a big American-canadian tour, which will take place in June. Fly there on July 17.

In fact, during the concert, I spread the energy with the audience, and it is, in principle, restores my strength, when there is a tour, and concerts are scheduled one by one. When it’s all over, I love be quiet and be alone with myself. Also, I love to travel to nature, or riding club, where riding. I really treat horses, they clean my energy and I feel lighter afterwards.

Я очень ценю свою внутреннюю свободу: Злата Огневич о политике, Евровидении и музыке

Zlata ognevich has revealed the secret of their home / Instagram / @zlata.ognevich

You participated in a considerable number of projects and vocal show, in particular, the Eurovision song contest, where in 2013 took third place. How is the preparation for this competition and would you even go on the stage?

Outfits, track, training – there’s a lot you need to prepare. This beautiful picture is a lot of work.

I think we did great and represented the country. Despite the fact that we were carrying a completely different room, which is agreed with the organizers of the Eurovision song contest, when came to the competition, somehow it happened that we said, “No, we’re not permitted to show this number.”

We changed the whole statement. This was a bad story. But still, we were in the finals and took 3rd place.

What about the popular “Dancing with the stars-2018”? Continue to explore choreographic steps?

I take private lessons from professional dancers. In Kiev I have planned for the lesson.

On “Dancing with the stars” appreciated the show a certain way. I just realized that it’s not mine.

On the contrary, was very glad they told me this was released. In fact, there schedule was very difficult. There were days when we slept for 2 hours. After that I flew to the concert or fled to the air.

Contests – this is all in the past. Need to devote more time to creativity: new songs, concerts, tours, international activities.

Я очень ценю свою внутреннюю свободу: Злата Огневич о политике, Евровидении и музыке

Zlata ognevich in Lviv / Instagram / @zlata.ognevich

Was there any dream that you are still not implemented? Perhaps one of the children?

Somehow my dreams were always focused on creativity, music to me has always been the ability to give people happiness, and to the scene as long as possible in my life.

Basically, there are big dreams that I still embody, they are still on the way, but little apparently came true: to be an artist to have concerts, to sing with Andrea Bocelli. This, incidentally, was my crystal dream in the Institute of music of Reinhold Glier, and I just had a thought: “wouldn’t it be great to sing with Andrea Bocelli”.

I even use on the vocal reproduced the song that he sings with Celine Dion. In Duo I invited soloist of the ensemble of the Armed forces of Ukraine Serhiy Yurchenko, and he performed this song. But a student I could not imagine that someday I will be able to sing with a legend of music on one stage. It was a gift!

See video of the performance Zlata ognevich and Andrea Bocelli:

On tour in Canada, too, are planning a duet to sing?

First of all, I want to visit concerts, to meet with fans. And, if you still have time, want to go to jazz pubs to hear live singing by local musicians. Yes, if possible, I’d really like him to sing something.

Concerts fans often make their idols special surprises. What unusual gifts have you received?

Tickets for concerts of other artists, fireworks, lots of flowers, poems, sweet bouquets, or kebabs, or fruit. Who has any taste (laughs). There were decorations in the form of notes. Once my fan club gave the pendant in the form of woven twigs, it was before the Eurovision song contest. But the main thing is the love of the fans that is felt at every gig.